For employees

for new employees

We care about professional development of our employees, and provide the possibilities for both academic and corporate growth. Depending on the needs of the business, and interests of our engineers, we regularly organize professional engineering trainings. As of yet we have established several:

The courses are advancing constantly, both in number and scope. If you're dynamic, eager to learn and advance, like us, come join.


Social Responsibility

Our care for employees ensures pleasant work in an encouraging high-tech atmosphere, equipped with all the conveniences for a day at work, with organized lunch to suit every taste. Work time is flexible, with a required overlap-time with the team members. Annually, we organize gathering of the employees and families, in a more casual ambient, play sports, and dine together. At such, we gladly participate in team-building tournaments that result in fundraise for charity. We are encouraging of every initiative for team-building through sports, cultural happenings, and other activities, in general.

Being a young collective, with almost 100 newborn babies of our employees annually, we make sure to mark that important point in their lives with a modest financial stimulus. Every New Year we organize Santa’s visit and gifts for the children under the age of 10.