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Home Audio Solutions



  • Next generation audio solutions (Dolby Atmos and DTS:X class) based on CS498x4 DSP family intended for AVRs, Soundbars, Compact Lifestyle systems
  • Legacy audio processing solutions based on CS4953xx/4970x4 DSP family intended for home audio applications
  • Headphones, cameras and other power sensitive (battery operated) solutions based on low cost, low power CS48L1x DSP family


  • RT-RK provides in house developed audio libraries as well as support for implementations of solutions by world leading IP suppliers: Dolby Laboratories®, DTS™, Audyssey®, SRS®, THX™, Dirac®.

home audio solutions


Special relationship through early adopter’s program

Cirrus Logic, supported by RT-RK, has been first to market with offering of selected new IP’s from Dolby Laboratories® to its worldwide base of OEMs and ODMs

RT-RK supported Cirrus Logic across its entire Dolby portfolio in home audio: Dolby Atmos for AVR, Atmos for Soundbars, Dolby Headphone, PL2Z, Dolby Volume, Virtual Speaker, etc.

home audio solutions dolby


Close cooperation with DTS in launching latest DTS solutions to consumer market

Providing latest DTS technologies like DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X, DTS Headphone:X, as well as legacy DTS IP’s like DTS 96/24, Neo:6 on various Cirrus Logic DSP platforms

Early adopters of DTS Virtual:X

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