Black Box Testing revealed - Utilize the framework and get your automatic Set-Top Box tests started

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Novi Sad, Serbia - January 9, 2015 At CES 2015 RT-RK, a market leading hardware and software design house focused on consumer electronics, communications and multimedia, announces exposure of its Black Box Testing (BBT) platform, a common framework for cable, satellite, terrestrial, and IPTV Set-Top Box testing.

To each party of the product validation chain: IC vendors, software module vendors and system integrators, OEMs/ODMs, telecom operators, and diagnostic and repair facilities RT-RK offers a scalable, open, expandable, rich platform of Python scripting language to set-up and uninterruptedly continue execution of functional, stress, performance, or precertification test suites, locally, or geographically distributed in an end-to-end test management system.


Through the facilities such as: support for Python scripting language, test creation from Graphical User Interface, transfer of prepared tests onto another platform, customizable test reporting, web-based tool to support requirement and test manipulation through the complete lifecycle of the project - the developer is in hand of powerful OCR, video/audio artifact detection, menu navigation/tuning/video (HDMI, CVBS, YPbPr)/audio (analog, digital)/AV decoding/media browser functionality/performance (zapping, boot time) errors detection, and Picture Quality Measurement – a no-reference real-time processing system for video quality assessment. Having past the start-up procedure the developer can build his own tests of: checking the value and name of UI items, EPG content and navigation speed, perform automatic digital DVBT installation for a specific country with specific settings, installation time check, check order and name of installed channels, parsing of device’s shell output (URTlogging), play all YCbCr/CVBS/HDMI formats and check if correct video is displayed in correct format (picture size 4:3, 16:9, etc.), play any content from USB and check if playable content is playing, check if non-supported content is displayed with a correct on screen message, check zap speed, navigate and play DLNA content, and other functional tests.

"Aside from offering software and hardware platforms, test suites, services of automatic and manual testing, and consulting services, we have decided to expose the BBT test platform and let developers use our framework – software for test management and execution on stand-alone test stations, software for a distributed system with one central common point of management and analysis, 3rd party devices’ drivers we have already integrated into BBT, here I refer mainly to signal generators they might already have in-house, mechanisms for controlling of the device under test, etc.," said Vukota Pekovic CMO RT-RK. "The market might be flooded with STB test frameworks, nonetheless, here’s one mature and field proven, extendable, affording an abundant supply, with strong product roadmap."

To get familiar with the BBT Set-Top Box testing view the introduction video.
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SCHWAIGER to launch NOVABASE OBLO based gateway onto the German market

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Novi Sad, Serbia - January 7, 2015 - RT-RK, a market leading hardware and software design house focused on consumer electronics, communications and multimedia, today announced launching of the the first OBLO based product onto the German retail market beginning of 2015. The product is based on OBLO Home Manager software, the basis for any-type gateway supporting a wide range of commercially available clients (sensors, actuators), easy-to-install Linux libraries providing interfacing of the nodes with mobile/tablet devices inside the home, as well as connection to the Internet. Earlier this year NOVABASE licensed OBLO technology by RT-RK, including OBLO Home Manager gateway software, OBLO STRATUS cloud technology, iOS and Android application for tablet/smartphone , with the iWedia CAB>IP product integrated aside to OBLO Manager being the first to launch onto the West-European market.
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SCHWAIGER, German supplier and distributor of technology unlimited products will begin offering NOVABASE CAB>IP gateway to German retail beginning of 2015.

"We are very pleased to complement our offer of home automation solutions with the new product from NOVABASE," said Axel Mack Key Account Manager at Schwaiger GmbH. "Accompanied by a set of Z-wave nodes – micro modules, multi-sensors, plugs, detectors and alarms, and other products, we are confident about meeting our customers' versatile needs and scenarios, and good placement of the offer. Home automation we stand for. With our credibility and distribution chain every novel good product finds its way to the customer."

"OBLO has definitely crossed the borders of the region, and we are pleased it will be offered to German customers," said Milenko Beric CFO RT-RK. "We've had our local retail of Serbia, Bosnia, and Croatia covered by OBLO products, but with the NOVABASE product and SCHWAIGER distribution we heavily excel both at the quality of the product and territorial coverage, and we couldn't be more pleased."

C-More at CES 2015: Next generation TV agenda for today's TV

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Novi Sad, Serbia - January 6, 2015 - At CES 2015 RT-RK, a market leading hardware and software design house focused on consumer electronics, communications and multimedia, premieres the novel, next generation TV solution for hybrid (DVB+OTT) Set-Top Boxes, dubbed "C-More". C-More solution brings in a next generation head-end metadata production engine, coupled with an immersive 3D enabled TV usage experience with the C-More Set-Top Box application under the Android OS.

"C-More ties together user-centric viewing, content recommendation and carefully tailored metadata with next generation, immersive user experience in front of the TV," said Nikola Teslic CTO RT-RK. "One of the main qualities of C-More is its decoupled architecture. It is available as a bundle, but can also be used at either Set-Top Box or head-end side," he added.


"What we like the best about C-More is the utmost attention to detail and unparalleled responsiveness of Set-Top Box side application, when compared to all competitors." said Milan Bjelica, head of the C-More project. "Fast response to user commands and a novel way of stacking scenes in 3D space, assures a new dimension of usability and workflow. More importantly, the UI development framework, fully developed within RT-RK, which is a powerhorse of C-More application, is woven into Android application development space. OpenGL ES as a native engine is fully utilized for 3D but abstracted to keep a straightforward application development which we all love in Android. Therefore, C-More is more than an application, it is a true development framework tailored to suit modern, user-tailored and user friendly smart Set-Top Boxes of today and tomorrow. I think we managed to couple invention and applicability; therefore what you'll love about C-More is that it can be customized to fit your next Set-Top Box design. It's future agenda for today, this is how we like to look at this project" he concluded.

Live demonstration of the C-More solution and user experience will be hosted in Venetian Palazzo hospitality suite of iWedia, where RT-RK is showcasing as a guest and a preferred software development partner. "C-More brings several new values to our current and prospective customers," said Mr. Teslic, "and these are novel concepts, field proven building blocks and quality UI/UX design service, therefore we look at C-More as an effort to strengthen our offering in all the aforementioned fields."

RT-RK at CES 2015 – The technology pillars for connected everything

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Novi Sad, Serbia – December 08, 2014 - At the 2015 CES Show (Hotel Venetian Hospitality Suite Floor 26, Suite 140), RT-RK, a market leading hardware and software design house of consumer electronics, communications and multimedia products, will present a showcase focused on technology grounds for connection and control of uniquely identifiable embedded devices within local and the existing Internet infrastructure.

"With 2014 quickly coming to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to invite all our valued partners to CES 2015 for demonstration of our business offers.", said Nikola Teslic CTO RT-RK. "Connection and availability in their broadest sense are at the core of what we are presenting. To offer mature, commercial, field proven technology on which things connect and can be controlled, is what our customers are asking for. We will give them the opportunity to accelerate, design, brand, deploy, and augment on remote automation. To me, the philosophy is the same, whether we talk about remote STB testing, configuration and monitoring, or the things at home we need to be in control of anywhere, anytime."

At CES 2015 RT-RK offers:

To OEMs of home automation products for licensing - Technology:

Home automation OEM
  • White label technology for the nodes based on ZigBee, with a Bluetooth Low Energy solution, and Z-wave and 868 MHz standard solutions coming up in 2015.
  • OBLO Home Manager software as the basis for any-type gateway supporting a wide range of commercially available clients (sensors, actuators), easy-to-install Linux libraries providing interfacing of the nodes with mobile/tablet devices inside the home, as well as connection to the Internet.
  • INSIGHT as the technology providing cloud–based IoT services, from basic functions such as account management, over remote access via the Internet e.g. mobile application, to complex intelligence algorithms and analytics of big-data mining executing on servers.
  • Applications for mobile phones/tablets for iOS and ANDROID with the basic function of access to the nodes via OBLO Home Manager in the local network and over the Internet.

To retailers and providers of own home automation systems - Products:

  • A whole palette of smart nodes: switches, outlets, and smart plugins, remotely controlled.
  • Scene controllers.

To OEMs and operators in DTV business – Products and services:

  • INSIGHT remote device configuration and monitoring. INSIGHT system provides with the power to remotely configure, upgrade firmware, diagnose issues and monitor vital parameters of hybrid devices, such as modern Set-Top Boxes and TV sets. Device manufacturers, vendors and service operators have the ability to browse, search for, monitor and configure deployed devices or device groups via a convenient web access portal.
  • BBT line for testing of Digital TV, Set-Top Boxes, Blu-ray players, and other multimedia devices. We offer services of manual and automatic testing, and product series for automatic testing. We provide testing to scale to improve throughput, meet release deadlines and improve the reliability of products.

We hope to see you in Vegas!

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RT-RK – Supplier of the Internet of Things (IoT)

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Novi Sad, Serbia - November 19, 2014 - Founded as a strong real-time software and embedded solutions R&D company, RT-RK embarked on the home automation years ago. The main route of knowledge acquisition: provision of design services for world-known customers and development of own product portfolio, has had the company mastered enterprise and web technologies, communication protocols, and embedded development. Projects for customers such as: smart starter, innovative sensors, home automation node, smart TLD control, turn-key remote management solution, and solar powered smart road marker - deployed and field proven - have assured the company’s home/industrial automation direction and given rise to development and branding of own IP home automation technology. The flexible and scalable technology to build home automation solutions is codenamed OBLO.


From a stand-alone home automation system including smart retrofit nodes and remote controllers, via local network mode including: home automation nodes, gateway products, and applications for home automation clients, OBLO has evolved to a cloud-based end-to-end solution.

Today RT-RK offers four big building blocks forthe IoT domain licensing:

  • Solutions for the nodes based on ZigBee, with a Bluetooth Low Energy solution to be demonstrated at CES 2015, and Z-wave and 868 MHz standard solutions upcoming in 2015
  • OBLO Home Manager software as the basis for any-type gateway supporting a wide range of commercially available clients (sensors, actuators), easy-to-install Linux libraries providing interfacing of the nodes with mobile/tablet devices inside the home, as well as connection to the Internet
  • INSIGHT as the technology providing cloud–based IoT services, from basic functions such as account management, over remote access via the Internet e.g. mobile application, to complex intelligence algorithms and analytics of big-data mining executing on servers
  • Applications for mobile phones/tablets for iOS and ANDROID with the basic function of access to the nodes via OBLO Home Manager in the local network and over the Internet. A special attention has been put into UI development to make the applications simple and intuitive to use.

Steady growth of OBLO sales with ALING-CONEL

ALING-CONEL is a local manufacturer and retail supplier of OBLO smart home products: smart dimmers, smart outlets, remote and scene controllers. The biggest in the region, it scores sale of 2K smart OBLO nodes in 2014, with more new products announced. Following the demand of the market, the new products will include: smart plug, battery operated scene controller, and IP shutter. The smart plug is a moveable OBLO node that makes any classic outlet a smart one, with the features of power consumption monitoring and appliance power control. The scene controllers set lighting constellation of the home to a predefined lighting scene: lights on/off and required light dimming levels.

ALING-CONEL supplies big retailers such as Promont and Elektromanija in Belgrade, Elnos in Belgrade and Banjaluka, Elsatrade in Sarajevo, Centrum Trade in Banjaluka, Elektroelement in Novi Sad, Nis, and Skopje, and AMI Company and Halogen in Novi Sad. Via ALING-CONEL companies with own home automatization solutions such as Control4 get supplied with OBLO intelligent products.

Not state-of-the-art but a new stage of the technology

OBLO Smart City

Connected, smart, power consuming appliances and the technology thereof is not state-of-the-art but a whole new technology stage. As energy saving awareness arises globally it opens a whole new scope of potential usage of OBLO technology based solutions. So-called Smart City is one of the favorite projects of computer engineers. The aim is to solve the myriad of everyday problems of urban living with the help of cost-effective intelligence.


At the VDE Kongress 2014 RT-RK presented a novel approach for street lighting automation, with the primary goal to decrease the level of light pollution and electric energy waste. The concept enables the street lights, RF enabled, to be automatically switched on or off triggered by a presence of humans or moving vehicles.

One problem with the model networked city: The more things spark through the area, the more often it comes to interference. OBLO takes the benefit of the fact: Radio frequency (RF) enabled light nodes create a sensible radio network, where the absorption by molecular resonance of an object of detection is a major factor affecting the radio propagation. OBLO solutions exploit the known fact that the object of detection interferes with radio signals within the established radio network. Introduced irregularities in the radio propagation pattern, expressed in a form of received signal strength indicator's (RSSI) variations, point to a possible presence of the object. Analyzed irregularities are distributed locally and each streetlight node makes an automatic selection of the functional state accordingly, e.g. switches the light on/off depending on the detected presence, eliminating the need for a centralized controller as in the case of smart home systems. The algorithm is optimized to execute in real time even at low processing power systems', almost immediately, when the object appears passing, illuminating the street, then turning the light off or dimming down when the moving object has no longer been detected.

RT-RK in Banjaluka officially opened – a big step towards expansion in the region

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At a gala ceremony which took place yesterday, on September 25th, attended by members of the board of the University of Banjaluka, representatives of the Ministry of Science of Republika Srpska, and representatives of major companies in the region, RT-RK Institute department in Banjaluka is officially opened.

In his opening speech, Prof. Emeritus and Head of RT-RK Vladimir Kovačević, emphasized the main goals of Banjaluka center which are education of undergraduate and postgraduate students according to industry needs, and provision of high quality teaching staff and infrastructure for the ETF (Faculty of Electrical Sciences in Banjaluka) curriculum. Prof. Kovačević likewise talked about history and creation of the Institute, its roots originating from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, as well as the way of growth in difficult times, business development on the international market, and the need for expansion in the region.
Dean of the ETF Banja Luka - Prof. Dr. Branko Dokić stressed that the arrival of RT-RK at ETF Banjaluka made 2014 a big milestone and momentum of academic and industry development in Republika Srpska.

Continuing the opening ceremony CTO of the Institute RT-RK Prof. Nikola Teslić explained the current operations of the company and goals for the future in more details. Banjaluka department currently employs 20 engineers, with a plan for growth of up to 150-200 employees by the end of 2018. RT-RK in Banja Luka will be mainly involved in operations related with the automotive industry. At the end of his speech he thanked the academic community and especially Dean Dokić, Vice Dean Blanuša and Đurić, and Prof. Brđanin for their great support from the idea through to effectuation of the cooperation.

To the colleagues in Banjaluka, we wish a successful start and to feel part of the RT-RK company, which they indeed are.


RT-RK to boost DVB-T/T2 performances in Vidmind’s V2 OTT/DTT STB

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Novi Sad, Serbia - September 13, 2014 - RT-RK, an embedded software development company with special expertise in video broadcasting and DVB-T software today announced that it has been selected by Vidmind, a leading supplier of OTT/DTT solutions for Pay-TV operators, to support the V2 STB development and optimize its DVB-T/T2 performance according to the ETSI TS 101 154 standards. A flexible RT-RK middleware team has already delivered the first releases of the supporting software.


Vidmind selected RT-RK for this project due to its vast experience in DTT solutions and its ability to test DVB-T quality according to the highest industry standards. The new V2 STB now performs with demanding excellence. The know-how of RT-RK on DVB-T/T2 including vast experience in an Android environment generates a short learning curve of the Vidmind application and ensures a smooth collaboration of Vidmind and the RT-RK engineers.
Besides the development, RT-RK’s responsibility is functional verification of DVB-T stack functionality. The engagement of RT-RK’s QA engineers on the product verification contributes to a stable and reliable high end product.

“We are determined to perfect our DVB-T/T2 performances,” said Dror Kraus, COO at Vidmind “With RT-RK expertise and testing capabilities on DVB-T software we managed to deliver a very high level of quality in a short time.”

“We are pleased to have partnered with Vidmind to capitalize on our DVB-T and Android knowledge,” said Giora Golan VP Business Development RT-RK. “Our in-depth knowledge of the DVB-T/T2 standards, experience with numerous stacks and broadcasting in an Android environment have ensured a prime solution. Having seen both teams working enthusiastically and hand in glove, I’m already looking forward to the foreseen continued collaboration of the two companies.”

About Vidmind

Vidmind’s platform lets service providers, from Telcos through broadcasters and retailers, launch a fully featured next generation TV service, available on TVs, tablets, smartphones and more.  
With Vidmind’s open Cloud-TV platform, operators, broadcasters and retailers can rapidly introduce an OTT TV or VOD service, and monetize a world of entertainment at minimal risk. The Vidmind Cloud TV technology levels the TV playing field for everyone, offering consumers more choice and operators – a business model that makes sense.
Vidmind was founded by video streaming and TV app veterans and is privately held. For more information, visit

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RT-RK joins the Frog by Wyplay Program; selected by Wyplay as an engineering scaling partner

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Novi Sad, Serbia - September 12, 2014 - RT-RK, an embedded software development and service provider company specialized in digital TV today announced that it has joined the Frog Initiative and has been selected as an engineering scaling partner by Wyplay, creator of software solutions for leading pay-TV operators.


Launched early 2014, Frog is a shared-source initiative built around Wyplay’s software solutions. Already chosen by Canal+ and new operators to be announced soon, Frog by Wyplay counts now more than 60 partners and is becoming a worldwide digital TV standard.

“We are really pleased to welcome RT-RK in the Frog Program. Their reputation of a reliable partner in complete development, customization, and integration services for broadcast/broadband STBs and hybrid gateways will bring significant value to the whole community,” said Jacques Bourgninaud, Wyplay CEO. “On the other hand, we entered into an agreement with RT-RK to subcontract some of our services developments.”

Indeed, RT-RK’s digital TV offer includes services throughout the entire Set-Top Box development - from platform selection, through BSP customization of major chipset vendors, middleware (DVB, IPTV) integration featuring: HbbTV, MHEG, PVR, CI Plus including DLNA, HTML and Java application level, through to mass production optimization and elaborated purchasing chain.

“We are excited to cooperate with Wyplay who has amazing successful track records into the digital TV eco-system” said Nikola Teslić CTO RT-RK. “They recognize our expertise, potential, infrastructure, and synergy with the partner in delivery of high quality products. Having worked with major chipset vendors and middleware solutions, our services make the core of our digital TV dealings now. I’m positive that both the Frog community and RT-RK will benefit from this partnership.”

About Wyplay

Independent and internationally recognized, Wyplay develops open, modular and innovative software solutions for IPTV, cable, satellite and terrestrial TV operators and broadcasters around the world. Wyplay technology enables operators to select, configure and easily deploy solutions with  the market’s richest pre-configured modular solutions including electronic program guide, zapper, video recorder,  media-center, home-connectivity, social TV, HTML5, Android, OTT platform, multi-screen, multi-room, … Wyplay’s Service Offering allows operators to deploy solutions based on their specific product strategy and market needs. Wyplay is a strategic partner for such leading brands as SFR, Vodafone, Belgacom and now Canal+. To learn more about Wyplay’s set-top box, multi-screen and OTT solutions, please visit and

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