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C-More at CES 2015: Next generation TV agenda for today's TV

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Novi Sad, Serbia - January 6, 2015 - At CES 2015 RT-RK, a market leading hardware and software design house focused on consumer electronics, communications and multimedia, premieres the novel, next generation TV solution for hybrid (DVB+OTT) Set-Top Boxes, dubbed "C-More". C-More solution brings in a next generation head-end metadata production engine, coupled with an immersive 3D enabled TV usage experience with the C-More Set-Top Box application under the Android OS.

"C-More ties together user-centric viewing, content recommendation and carefully tailored metadata with next generation, immersive user experience in front of the TV," said Nikola Teslic CTO RT-RK. "One of the main qualities of C-More is its decoupled architecture. It is available as a bundle, but can also be used at either Set-Top Box or head-end side," he added.


"What we like the best about C-More is the utmost attention to detail and unparalleled responsiveness of Set-Top Box side application, when compared to all competitors." said Milan Bjelica, head of the C-More project. "Fast response to user commands and a novel way of stacking scenes in 3D space, assures a new dimension of usability and workflow. More importantly, the UI development framework, fully developed within RT-RK, which is a powerhorse of C-More application, is woven into Android application development space. OpenGL ES as a native engine is fully utilized for 3D but abstracted to keep a straightforward application development which we all love in Android. Therefore, C-More is more than an application, it is a true development framework tailored to suit modern, user-tailored and user friendly smart Set-Top Boxes of today and tomorrow. I think we managed to couple invention and applicability; therefore what you'll love about C-More is that it can be customized to fit your next Set-Top Box design. It's future agenda for today, this is how we like to look at this project" he concluded.

Live demonstration of the C-More solution and user experience will be hosted in Venetian Palazzo hospitality suite of iWedia, where RT-RK is showcasing as a guest and a preferred software development partner. "C-More brings several new values to our current and prospective customers," said Mr. Teslic, "and these are novel concepts, field proven building blocks and quality UI/UX design service, therefore we look at C-More as an effort to strengthen our offering in all the aforementioned fields."