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UI/UX Design & Development Team

Recognizing that aspects of User Interface (UI) design, User Experience (UX) design and Human-Machine Interface (HMI) design are equally important as electronic or computer engineering, RT-RK has established a team of highly skilled UI/UX designers which are capable of surfacing novel, immersive, responsive and optimized UI/UX solutions for various consumer devices.

UI/UX team has produced several innovative UI solutions, including flat design, material design and 3D-enabled design for phones, tablets, TV screens and even specific screens, such as those In-Vehicle Infotainment units. Please check out our portfolio.

Utmost attention and respect within the UX design process is given to the specificities of input and HMI (remote controller, knobs, touch gestures etc), and end-device responsiveness. To make sure all designs are easily transferable to real hardware targets, our designers are closely cooperating with HW and SW engineers, optimizing each design and deploying designs to sample hardware. This makes the loop from ideation to production as tight as possible, and enables the unparallelled UX solutions for both consumer and automotive markets.

UI/UX Design and Development Services

We offer services in the following domains:

  • App ideation, generating use cases and key requirements, user journeys, storyboards and workflow diagrams;
  • Agile user experience (UX) and usability design, with the ability to identify key traits and quickly produce tangible UX guidelines and design catches for targeted application;
  • Iterative design model, by making all the results transparent with the help of GUI simulator and rendered GUI models which illustrate relevant effects and therefore enable the selection of appropriate design path to follow;
  • Graphic design for 10-foot user interfaces, applicable to both low and high resolutions (including 4K), with the provision of originally designed graphical resources to ensure neat and clean look, which is easily themed;
  • Companion apps design and development, to complement TV GUI experience, for Android and iOS.
  • App implementation according to the design, in one of the following three directions:
    • Native GUI, for low-end zapper boxes;
    • HTML5, for middle-range connected and hybrid boxes;
    • Java/Android, for high-end smart boxes and TVs.
  • Exceptional performance in any domain, including software stack optimization and native graphic engines utilization (OpenGL).
  • Fast, innovative and multi-dimensional GUI solutions, including 2D, 2.5D and 3D interfaces.
  • GUI development/porting to Linux, Android and Real-Time OS
  • GUI implementation on top of all major SoC, including Broadcom, Marvell, Qualcomm, ST.


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