Handling the major SoCs of the industry such as those of Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, and NVIDIA, has upskilled RT-RK to a superior low level software developer of the most demanding real time applications.

RT-RK’s teams of hardware designers, OS experts, networking experts, automotive software specialists, and UI/UX developers have decades of experience with platforms, technologies, and tools to offer premium product development and services.

RT-RK carries out system software development, AUTOSAR porting and customization, projects complying with ASPICE processes and functional safety, UI/UX development, reference hardware design, and technology transfer to Tier1/OEM. RT-RK therefore supports all relevant operating systems and industry standards, e.g. Linux, ISO26262, Ethernet, FlexRay, MOST, HTML5, GENIVI.


  • Basic software and operating systems for ECUs based on AUTOSAR and Functional Safety ISO26262
  • Software solutions for driver assistance systems
  • HMI development for head units, instrument clusters and head-up displays
  • Development for In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems (IVI) - including reception of TV signal and services
  • Integration, customization, and complete development services (platform selection, OS, complex device drivers, communication, ECU abstraction, services, microcontroller abstraction, AUTOSAR RTE, and application software components)
  • Complete DVB software stack for a mobile digital TV tuner
  • ALPHA reference board for automotive machine vision on SoCs from Texas Instruments. The solution is available for automotive manufacturers (OEMs), automotive construction companies (Tier 1/2/3) for rapid prototyping, advanced TI automotive customers and algorithm developers for demonstration purposes.





Automotive Machine Vision ALPHA is a reference design board on Texas Instruments supporting basic and advanced warning systems, active control systems and semi-autonomous operations. A set of targeted applications covers cameras and display for rear view, cross-traffic warning, traffic sign recognition, surround views of the car on the road, in-cabin monitors, parking and traffic assistance, highway lane self-driving, and adaptive cruise control.

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Target audience

  • Car manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Automotive design houses (Tier1/2/3) for rapid prototyping
  • TI advanced automotive customers
  • Algorithm developers for demo purposes

alpha board

Hardware specification

  • Processors: 3 x TDA2x SoC (1x ARM Cortex A15 and 2x ARM Cortex M4, 2x C66x Digital Signal Processor cores (DSP), 4x Embedded vision Engine (EVE)).
  • Load balancing for video processing algorithms between TDA2x chips is available via PCIe. This solution enables optimal workload between TDA2x chips.
  • Chip supports HDMI out and it is linked to the Head Unit.
  • System supports up to 10 cameras (automotive cameras compatible with TI DS90UB964 and DS90UB914A Deserializers).
  • Daisy chain solution
  • Support for AVB Ethernet
  • System is upgradable with daughter board with Ethernet that could provide communication with other sensors, IP cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors etc. and provide more ADAS applications.

Block Diagram

Block Diagram


Target applications

Surround view


Driver monitoring


Stereoscopic front view


Wide angle camera


Delivery package

  • Board and basic set of device drivers
  • 40 hours of support

Optionally RT-RK customization services for industrialization (customization projects).

Night vision camera