We are RT-RK

We bring engineering excellence and scale to help our customers build digital products of the future.

RT-RK is a premium embedded software development house in the Southeast Europe, with a focus on consumer electronics and infotainment systems. The company was founded in 1991, inheriting the former FTN-IRAM with mostly domestic clients in oil and gas, and military industries. With the rise of semiconductor industry and smaller silicon footprints, RT-RK has begun its decades long worldwide journey in the consumer electronics industry. Strong ties with the clients, trust and confidence in the company’s know-how and increasing engineering capacities, has turned RT-RK into dynamic near shore development centers of silicon vendor and consumer electronics companies that have endeavored to imagine or reimagine their products over the past three decades.

In the early 2010s the engineering power, competence, and potential of the company caught attention of the Austrian company TTTech, famous for its time triggered technology, the backbone of safety in the networking, automotive, industrial, and aerospace industries. Becoming a near shore development center for TTTech and subsequently TTTech Auto has drawn the company deep into the automotive grade software development and processes. The era of cooperation with TTTech Auto has ended with the biggest engineering carve out of RT-RK yet, in favor of TTTech Auto’s expansion in the region.

RT-RK currently employs 600+ engineers on four locations.