Android based systems

We accelerate world class development of your systems based on Android.

Recognized as a leading system integrator for Android based systems, RT-RK is a pioneer in Android system engineering since our first deployments based on Android Froyo back in 2012 with Swisscom.

Our strong engineering background with living room entertainment devices is based on AndroidTV technology. Our hands-on experience helps customers bring world class devices to end users. The engagement with our customers starts from an early-stage requirement definition, and continues through development and integration, certification, and product lifecycle management.

We bring a decade of Android expertise to help OEMs scale and develop the next generation of In-Car Infotainment based on Android Automotive. By addressing various OEMs’ needs and taking the responsibility for the software quality while allowing OEMs to keep software ownership, we deliver Android Automotive in various environments:

  • Hypervisor (running Android Automotive in parallel with Safety Critical OS)
  • Container based
  • Cartridge based

We allow customers to build their own AOSP flavored and highly customized OS, exploring new dimensions of Android based experience. We accelerate deployments by keeping what is good in AOSP and developing new features and experience for the target platform.

Technical expertise at a glance:

  • Platform bring-up, Android lifecycle management
  • Software unification across different Android versions and hardware variants
  • Driver integration and verification (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, touchscreen, etc.)
  • System customization and framework extensions
  • HAL implementation (HIDL, Treble compatibility)
  • Certifications (CTS, GTS, Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.)


Examples of our work


Android lifecycle management, Telechips.

Key points:

  • Android lifecycle management
  • Porting of Android 13 on Telechips Dolphin 3 SoC
  • Verification of HAL layer
  • CTS testing and bug fixing

Read more in case study.


Android lifecycle management, Bouygues Telecom.

Key points:

  • Android lifecycle management since 2013
  • Software evolution through all Android Letter versions
  • Multiple SoC management

Read more in case study.


High level Android tailoring and framework customization, Reliance Jio.

Key points:

  • Tailoring Android for custom OS development
  • High level of framework customization and extensions
  • Integration with Jio Platforms ecosystem
  • Code unification for multi-soc, multi-OEM environment
  • Support with innovation initiatives

Read more in case study.


Android Automotive cartrige, SOP, and system integration – JoyNext.

  • Android Automotive cartridge
    • Running Android on a dedicated HW connected to Head Unit via USB3.0
  • In SOP for Audi (Asterix Project) since 2019, for China market
    • 2nd generation for global market is in progress
  • System Integration and Android compatibility
    • Integration of 3rd party components
    • Release process and testing
    • Google test suites compatibility (CTS, VTS, STS, etc.)

Read more in case study.

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