Quality Management

Quality of the services is of immense importance with the main objectives being:

  • Quality of deliverables
  • On time delivery

Company processes are modeled using ARIS tool from IDS-SCHEER.

Established models are:

  • M-MILESTONE: external driven projects (both T&M and fixed costs)
  • R-MILESTONE: product development processes

The company has officially certified processes for ISO 9001:2015 by TÜV and DQS.

In the period 2005-2009 the daughter company, MicronasNIT had TS2 (ISO 16949:2002) certified processes for automotive industry QM.



RT-RK is working on a defined process for software development; Developed processes are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO TS2 compliant. Additionally one of the main advantages is process customization according to customer requirements. The main goal for long-term cooperation is to fit the local process to global partner workflow processes. This is achieved by:

  • Initial training on site of RT-RK engineering team
  • Regular visits of the engineering team
  • Workflow process modeling with the main goal to define interfaces on both sides
  • Constant process improvement trough 1/2 year senior management meeting

RT-RK is a service providing company and therefore we are carefully selecting our future engineers in their final years of Graduate Studies. Navigating their education through different fields in undergraduate studies and specialized them in master studies. After joining our team engineers are passing additional education through projects as well as trough Master Studies and Ph.D. studies. For each project, the team is carefully selected, especially to provide adequate: technical skills, management and communication capabilities. An off-shore team is reporting on both sides providing sufficient information for local management to prevent problems.

RT-RK is organized in two management levels. Executive management and on the second level there are Group Leaders, they are responsible for team coordination. Project planning and tracking are done using different tools and methodologies. Regular phone/video conferences with the customer, weekly reports, development progress reporting.

RT-RK provides a high quality of software development service, this goal is achieved with intensive testing of developed software. A mandatory part of each project phase is the definition of acceptance criteria and testing procedure. Target is to have 100% automatic test coverage for developed modules. Tests plan is always discussed and aligned with customer test strategies. Bugzilla is used as a bug tracking system.



  • The company owns dedicated professional IT and TV infrastructure in all RT-RK facilities
  • All supported IT services are hosted from within the company — no outsourcing    
  • Fully equipped TV signal distribution infrastructure built  for embedded systems development:
    • Headend with over 30 shared generators (DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2, DVB-C/C2, ATSC) and transcoders
    • SMATV distribution infrastructure based on cascading multiswitches and amplifiers
    • 500 TV socket outlets.
    • Measurement equipment and TV signal analyzers
  • Additionall specialized signal generators and measurement devices used for DTV applications
  • Automatic test & verification system
  • Hardware laboratory with repair and assembly infrastructure with EMC test chamber
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