Powering the future of entertainment.

Rapid development and evolution of digital products and services in Consumer industry over the past 20 years has resulted in saturation in many areas such as mobile, TV, social networks, etc. As a veteran in this industry, we understand better than most that this is merely a consolidation before the new wave of innovation that is already in motion. We aim to address demanding cross-silo projects that are at the forefront of innovation in Consumer industry.

We have pioneered Android based TV products and still manage to contribute the ever evolving Android TV ecosystem. We help big tech companies to scale product development in areas of Digital TV, Home Automation and IoT and audio technologies.

Our scalable teams can address the demanding development cycles of Consumer products. We are able to take ownership of software deliverables as well as to augment our customers’ R&D teams. Our service portfolio and track record are broad and span UI/UX design and development, system integration and low level software delivery, core components development, back-end (cloud) and front-end development, testing and validation.

Our services and solutions

Why hire us

  • More than 20 years of experience in DTV, IoT and audio technologies
  • Addressing the broad spectrum of services including design, development, testing and verification
  • Internal cross-silo cooperation to provide the necessary innovation edge
  • Perfected system integration processes
  • Agility and “customer first” culture