Graduate student internship

If you are a final- year or a graduate student, RT-RK offers you an internship specially designed to support and navigate students through the whole process of writing their BSc and MSc thesis in one of the five fields they choose.

This internship program is for the students from the following departments:

  1. Computing and control engineering (sub-department: Computer Engineering and Computer Communications, Computer Control Systems, Applied Computer Science and Informatics)
  2. Software engineering and information technologies
  3. Information and Communication Technologies and Signal Processing
  4. Microcomputer electronics
  5. Mechatronics

What we offer to graduate students who choose to join our BSc/MSc internship program:

  • Professional support from experienced engineers (Technical mentors)
  • An opportunity to use the knowledge and materials to write your academic BSc or Msc thesis
  • Work with/on cutting edge technologies.
  • Measuring equipment, software tools, raw materials (for hardware production), logistics for hardware production and procurement
  • Possibility of receiving scholarship
  • Personal and professional development (wide range of trainings and courses, internal and external)
  • Chance to participate in sporting and entertaining events.

Apply by sending your cv on