Hardware development

Evolving and ever-increasing complexity of electronic module designs is the number one concern for new product and/or technology introduction. The risk associated hardware complexity and on-time availability is one of the greatest of the development processes.

Here’s a result of 30+ years of brining of new embedded electronic products and services to the real life.

As day-to-day routine we do conversion of hardware functional concepts into specifications, conversion of specifications into circuit schematics, conversion of circuit schematic into PCB layout designs, selection and management of subcontractors for PCB manufacturing, cabling and chassis production, bring-up and verification, compliance testing.

We deliver full documentation set covering all hardware development and production aspects, products conceptual design and hardware requirements documents, circuit schematics & net-lists, PCB layout files, all electronic data files including component ordering databases, schematic/PCB libraries, complete CAM documentation(ODB++ files, Gerber files, NC drill guides, Pick&Place files) fabrication and mechanical drawings, verification lists and reports, all readable by worldwide production, supply and EMS companies.

State-of-the-art tools we use

Our typical projects

Examples of our work


Gateway for industrial applications, development and industrialization.

Key points:

  • Industrial grade, robust and long-term reliable device, submersible, explosive area usage
  • Worldwide coverage, approvals and certificates
  • Conformity to strict and demanding customers design, appearance and quality standards

Read more in case study.

Automotive data logger

Automotive data logger, development

Key points:

  • Complete automotive interfaces coverage
  • Multiple 10G ethernet connectivity, PCIe 3 generation backbone, and external interface, 8Gbps signaling up to silicon devices limits
  • Multiple mass storage support, up to 32Gbps
  • Compact automotive grade design, various power and functional modes including extremely low power mode with selectable interface-content/events/conditions wake up sources

Read more in case study.

Texas Instruments

Autonomous driving and camera based ADAS systems, in cooperation with Texas Instruments.

Key points:

  • High speed signaling, load balancing for video processing algorithms between multiple TDA2x SoCs via PCIe.
  • 21 DDR3 ICs on single board, all running at 1.6Gbps
  • System supports up to 10 cameras, all 2Mp@60fps

Read more in case study.

Denso Video Logger

DENSO video logger, development.

Key points:

  • Single frame aligned saved camera streams, 4 cameras, 2Mp@60fps per device
  • Grabbing + loop through mode, 0.1 ns delay between logged and output frame
  • Daisy chained multiple devices configuration, lossless
  • Automotive ambient usage device, certified

Read more in case study.

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