In step with Serbian DVB-T2 transmission rollout

In step with Serbian DVB-T2 transmission rollout

Following a specification issued by the Ministry of Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia concerning technical requirements for digital terrestrial receivers, RT-RK has customized RK-1000 HD DVB-T2 Free-To-Air Set-Top Box for the Serbian digital DVB-T2 broadcast.

The specification is intended for digital receiver manufacturers, as well as all organizations and individuals engaged in digital receivers’ sales, including examination of the receivers and the systems for their labeling.

Being one of the first digital receivers that has caught up with the Initial network set-up, RK-1000 is a valuable contribution to the testing of the Serbian digital broadcast including compliance with DVB-T2 standard, quality of the signal, and coverage.

Digital terrestrial TV transmissions using the DVB-T2 standard have begun on March 21, 2012 and currently cover between 40 and 50% of the country.

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