Job Fair 2023

Job Fair 2023

The recent Job Fair 2023, hosted at technical faculties in Belgrade, proved to be a great success for the RT-RK company. As a prominent participant in this event, we seized the opportunity to connect with aspiring talents, offering them valuable insights into the field of work and internship within our organization.

Prioritizing engagement with students, we achieved this goal through live demonstrations showcasing our cutting-edge projects. The highlight of the event was a challenging C/C++ knowledge quiz, which experienced a significant increase in participation compared to previous years. This surge reflects the students’ heightened enthusiasm and interest in our field.

A key attraction at Job Fair 2023 was the TechTalk presentation by our colleague, Nikola Antonić. He introduced Watchparty—an Android application developed by our skilled team. This innovative app allows multiple users to remotely watch the same video in sync on a large screen, while simultaneously providing chat tools on mobile devices for seamless interaction with friends. Special thanks are due to our engineers Ana Marković, Jovana Vuković, Natalija Yasir, Matija Jevtić, and Nenad Perišić, but also to our HR colleagues Anja Zelenbaba, Tatjana Dajević, Dušica Ristić and Sanja Mitić. They represented us at our booth, demonstrating dedication and keeping their friendly smiles with every student they had the chance to talk to.

In addition to our notable contributions, our colleague Tijana Đorđević had the privilege of participating in a panel discussion addressing the pivotal question of ‘Academic vs. Personal Development: Which Holds More Value?’. This insightful dialogue provided students with valuable perspectives on navigating their career paths and making informed choices regarding both their professional and personal growth. While Tijana and Nikola shared insights into technical topics, our colleague from the HR department, Tatjana Dajević, conducted interview simulations with students. This aimed to help them overcome interview anxiety and provided valuable tips on how to present themselves in the best possible way.

We take pride in being a part of Job Fair 2023, fostering connections with the next generation of IT professionals. Our commitment to empowering and inspiring students remains unwavering as we continue to shape the future of technology together.

Job Fair 2023 Beograd Job Fair 2023 Beograd Job Fair 2023 Beograd
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