On March 16th and 17th, we showcased our company at the KONTEH employment and internship fair in an online format. In addition to the standard virtual stand, we organized various presentations to provide visitors with insights into our company and current opportunities:

Online Lecture: Developing as a student at RT-RK

This lecture gave visitors an idea of what it’s like to write a BSc/MSc thesis at RT-RK and hear experiences of colleagues who have been through the process.

Technical Lecture held at the Faculty of Technical Sciences: Android Onboarding

Our colleagues who were part of the LAVA student project presented the challenges they faced when working on real-world solutions using different technologies and solutions.

Webinar: First Steps in the Career of a Software Engineer for Infotainment Systems

We understand the importance of the first steps in building a career, and as a company, we pay great attention to supporting our interns throughout the process of becoming valuable members of an engineering team. In this webinar, our student coordinator, Sonja Mandić, and group leader and mentor with many years of experience, Tihomir Anđelić, discussed the career path of an infotainment systems engineer.

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