Just like in previous years, our company presented itself to visitors at the KONTEH fair, which offers business opportunities and professional practices. Students had the chance to connect with our colleagues and gain valuable insights into RT-RK’s work areas and internship programs.

After two years of hosting the event online, both our team and the students appreciated the in-person interaction, which led to a record attendance at our stand.

The ShareLoc development project’s demo setup illustrates how the state of a smart home system changes based on the current position, position change, and identification of the monitored object or person using the latest protocols such as UWB and the new version of BLE.

During their demo, the TVVerse development team showcased the integration of video content playback with the world of Virtual Reality.

At the fair, we organized simulated interviews with our colleague, Anja Zelenbaba, and a lecture by Krsto Lazić on the topic of “State-of-the-art technologies used in the IT industry.”

Attendees had the opportunity to learn about the practical applications of their academic knowledge in the industry and gain insights into RT-RK’s projects. They also discovered the latest trends in digital television entertainment and beyond.

Thank you to all the colleagues who contributed to making these two days at Konteh enjoyable and informative for the students by sharing valuable knowledge and information.

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