Meet us at IBC 2016, Hall 5 booth B.32

Meet us at IBC 2016, Hall 5 booth B.32

Meet us at IBC 2016, Hall 5 booth B.32

Meet us at IBC 2016, Hall 5 booth B.32

RT-RK and BBT kindly invite you to meet with us at IBC in Amsterdam, September 9-13, 2016.

This year we will be showcasing:

4K Grabber

Intended for STB/DVD/Blu-ray testing as well as for head-end monitoring, the RT-AV100 backward compatible device RT-AV4K, in addition to previously supported: digital and analog video and audio inputs, multi AV additional analogue video interfaces, 1Gbit/s Ethernet, and IR emulator output, brings the additional features of:

  • Digital video input (HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 2.0a – up to UHD/4K) supporting HDCP 2.2 standard
  • Optional 10Gbit/s Ethernet
  • Optional PCI Express implementation
  • In addition, the device is able to perform real time A/V processing and various artefacts detection (freezing, black screen and blocking artefacts)


Diagnostic / Screening Station – ProScreen

STB Diagnostic Station is a test environment for automated quick screening of STB devices returned from the field. It performs rapid functional testing of STBs on the repair line, whether they are returned to service as malfunctioning, or there has been a cancelation of service.
STB Diagnostic Station is the most efficient and most economical way to test a device in a predefined scenario which provides the complete functionality verification.

The basic characteristics of STB PDS are:

  • The main application area – Cable and TV distributors, repair facilities and manufacturers of STB devices
  • Reduction of the execution time for a specific set of tests
  • Simultaneous testing of multiple units
  • Analysis of audio and video outputs of STB without the knowledge of the internal logic (BBT – black box testing)
  • Running of test sequences without human interaction
  • STB controlled by RC emulator (IR, RF4CE, Bluetooth)
  • Various integrated algorithms for image and audio analysis (static picture and live video), optical character recognition, etc.
  • Storage of results in a database
  • Powerful reporting capabilities (HTML, PDF, Word, Excel, etc.)
  • Easy integration with customer business systems and bug-tracking systems


Functional, Regression, Performance and Stress testing

A unique RT-RK automatic test system for R&D departments, QA departments, production lines (consumer device producers) and repair facilities. Guarantees the stability, reliability and performance of the target device during development, production and deployment process. RT-RK Automatic Test System (BBT) contains software and hardware components offering a wide range of possibilities for testing of integrated DTV systems, digital receivers (DVBT, DVBS, DVBC and IP STB). The test framework provides a platform for video and audio quality measurement, automated menu navigation, capturing and analysis of video and audio content, test results storage and various report formats.


  • Common platform for Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial and IPTV receiver device testing
  • Open and flexible platform that allows integration of customer or 3rd party devices in the testing process
  • Powerful AV analysis (frame or video based), and enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Cost effective and easily extendible solution with a strong product roadmap
  • Python based test cases help build the comprehensive test suite
  • Hassle-free integration of existing test component with a well-designed SDK
  • Requires minimum adjustment of test cases to cover multiple devices. Once created, it can run on the most of customer target devices with minor modifications
  • Database with more than 4000 already prepared test cases
  • Comprehensive log system to increase visibility of the testing procedure
  • Detailed reporting and fault diagnosis aid QA verification, results available over LAN


  • Cost saving on accuracy and efficiency by utilization of the existing test component and minimization of QA effort
  • Minimizes the time spent on manual, repetitive testing and reduces potential for manual tester error
  • Wide coverage of product testing capabilities
  • Ensures visibility of QA progress and result


Requirement and test management system

For handling requirements, test cases, test execution, and reporting. INTENT+ covers the entire test process of the products and allows user to execute and monitor  the test process remotely (through intranet or internet). INTENT+ is a web-based requirement and test management tool, aimed to support requirement and test manipulation throughout the complete lifecycle of the project. It combines and links: Requirements, Tests, Test Plans and Reports at one place. INTENT+ provides the complete environment for manual test execution, resource management (operators and equipment), result management and reporting.

INTENT+ modules:

  • Requirement management
  • Test management
  • Test execution planning (Test plan management)
  • Manual Test execution
  • Reporting


HbbTV v2.0 Test Suite and Test Harness

The RT-RK’s HbbTV end-to-end Validation System is designed to verify the device and application compliance and interoperability with HbbTV v1.0 , v1.5 and HbbTV 2.0 specifications. It is a test management and test execution system aimed to support execution of automatic and manual test cases for hybrid digital TV receivers that implement HbbTV functionality. Using the RT-RK’s well known test automation framework (BBT), HbbTV Test Suite provides a significant level of automation (including test cases from official HbbTV test suites) and test execution without a constant tester engagement. The automatic test execution minimizes human errors and significantly reduces the execution time and costs associated with validation and conformance process.

Test Suite Features:

  • Testing of HbbTV compliant digital TV receivers and HbbTV applications
  • Includes test streams, and supports over 1000 test cases
  • Allows execution of official HbbTV Test Suites
  • Helps minimize interoperability problems
  • Allows stress and performance testing
  • Allows test project creation and management (test cases filtering and grouping)
  • Provides Test automation mechanism for reduction of testing complexity, duration and costs
  • Intuitive test framework allows test creation/modification, execution and reporting
  • HbbTV fixtures – Browser simulation mode. Allows PC browsers to behave as HbbTV compliant devices (develop and verify test cases without the real device)
  • T² Unit framework – unit testing and debugging of newly developed test cases


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