Expertise that powers digital transformation of vehicle.

OEMs already recognize that vehicle environment should seamlessly integrate and support our digital life that thrives on any device at our home or office. Not only is this a necessity to address the demand, but also represents a huge opportunity for new revenue streams and business models for OEMs. This is one of the key reasons why OEMs rush to take over the software ownership and shorten development cycles. RT-RK is a perfect partner for scaling such activities and managing their risk by employing market leading expertise.

From Silicon vendors to Tier-1s and OEMs, RT-RK has served some of the biggest brands in the automotive industry. Our cross-industry expertise, with excellent connections in the ecosystem, roots in the consumer electronics nurtured by the cooperation with TTTech Auto on some of the most advanced ADAS systems, makes us a team of choice to deliver top of the line Infotainment systems.

Our expertise includes ADAS, DSP optimizations, digital cockpit, User eXperience, Android System integration, testing & validation, and hardware development.

Our services and solutions

Why hire us

  • We are always at the cutting edge of technology, constantly investing in our know-how
  • Proven track record of rapid scaling and supporting large projects
  • Excellence in delivery without risk or overheads
  • Strong partnership network and presence in ecosystems such as Android Automotive
  • Agility and “customer first” culture