The cooperation between RT-RK and TTTech has begun in 2012 with two engineers supporting the aerospace business who were engaged on development of Windows drivers. Over the next two years the cooperation continued with staff leasing mode in all areas of TTTech engagement. The RT-RK side was mostly involved in small projects and activities ranging from development of network protocols to implementation of ASIL D watchdog drivers in an AUTOSAR environment for multiple automotive companies (mostly Tier1: Denso, JTEKT, ZF, Magna, Nexteer, etc.) via Vector Informatik as the vendor of the AUTOSAR stack.

We were supporting both embedded and tooling part of TTTech’s testing tools product line DataLogger and TTX Connexion (programable automotive gateway supporting multiple bus types).

During our cooperation with TTTech, (and later TTTech Auto) we gathered knowledge on:

  • Important technologies/RTOS systems i.e. VxWorks, QNX, PikeOS
  • Communication interfaces such as FlexRay, CAN, LIN, Automotive Ethernet, TTE
  • Tooling – Vector CANOE, CANAPE, vTestStudio, DaVinci, Elektobit Tresos Studio, etc.
  • Processes of automotive safety software development defined by ISO26262 and ASPICE
  • Code development following MISRA rules and HIS metrics, how to write safety relevant documentation using
  • ALM tools like PTC Windchill (ex. Integrity, ex. MKS), and how to execute safety analysis such as DFA, FMEA etc.

RT-RK team in support of TTTech, 2014.

Team size, projects, and execution were already significant in 2014.

Team growth

Success of the NSDC at RT-RK encouraged TTTech to further invest in the automotive activities at RT-RK and led to the foundation of RT-RK Automotive. The growth of RT-RK Automotive culminated in 2022 when APTIV and AUDI invested $285 million in TTTech Auto. The same year RT-RK Automotive officially became TTTech Auto CEE (Central and Eastern Europe).

Major achievements

  • From 2014 we started one of our top projects to date zFAS, centralized SoC for ADAS and Autonomous driving for Audi
  • By 2016 our engagement in zFAS was very important factor of success for the entire project. zFAS for AUDI in 2016 @ RT-RK – facts and figures
    • 92 engineers
    • 4 out of 9 complete sub-projects managed and executed on RT-RK side
    • 11000+ overtime hours, ~800+ days of on-site support for zFAS alone
    • ~150 SW units on 3 processors, 3 different operating systems
    • 1M+ lines of embedded safety related code
    • 47 test engineers producing thousands of test cases
    • L4 Safety approval planned for CW03 2017
    • First drives on public roads ongoing
  • In 2017 we delivered zFAS to series production. It is used in 20+ car models in VAG concern including Audi A8, Lamborghini Urus, VW Tuareg, and similar premium cars
  • We were fully included in development of the TTTech Auto’s product MotionWise, a series-proven safety software platform for automated driving, based on zFAS. We fully owned several important domains such as Platform Health, Platform Framework services like Logging, Tracing, Persistency, Error Handler, Lifecycle Service, Vehicle COM etc. We were also fully responsible for advanced safety features such as Host Supervision, Task monitoring, Event Chain monitoring, etc.

The moment of delivering zFAS to series production