What is NSDC?

And why you need one.

You’re in a fast-paced development and in constant need of new talent to help you run your business.
You have tried outsourcing to other companies in your country, but haven’t had any luck finding high-quality candidates, or it costs you a fortune.

Many companies are outsourcing their software development abroad to reduce costs.

Perhaps you don’t know how to do the same efficiently. Or you’ve already tried hiring developers abroad, but communication is a struggle, they’re not getting the training they need and you’ve yet to see their real potential. Infrastructure, HR tasks, and back-office activities is a hustle and keep you out of focus on your core activities.

If you recognize your business in this story, you’re not alone. It is not easy to develop a successful offshore team. You need to find a way to foster the growth of your company and support the high demand for your product. You need a TECHNOLOGY PARTNER with a growth potential, flexibility, IT service, infrastructure, adequate and prompt trainings, who will take back-office tasks off of your shoulders.


To Scale your Team

To help you get the right talent, at the right time and place.

To Extend your Footprint

To offer a wide range of services, including offshore software development, remote testing, quality assurance, and more. To help you open new talent markets.

To Accelerate Bussiness

To help you deliver more efficiently
and cost-effectively with talented
workforce and robust infrastructure.

To Focus on what Matters most

To provide flexible model to allow you to focus on what matters most (your core business activities) while NSDC handles all the administrative and HR tasks that come with managing a global workforce.