Why RT-RK?

Top 3 reasons why choose RT-RK as a NSDC
(Near Shore Development Center) partner.

1. Engineering Growth Potential

We have a considerable growth potential historically proven through our existence. Over time we have seen chip designs that were never produced, witnessed shutdowns of big companies, cancelling of products, and enormous effort wasted on projects based on unrealistic and bad foundations. Never has that caught us by surprise, left us without work or clients, or made us lay off any of our employees. With RT-RK, your NSDC becomes an intelligence based on healthy roots. With your well crafted and funded projects, we can have a healthy, long-term collaboration. In the luckiest of circumstances, as happened in the past, the NSDC at RT-RK can become the basis of your future company in the region.

2. Tight UNI relationship

Thanks to our reputation of a technology front runner in the region, we have had excellent collaborations with the technical universities in the region – Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Information Technology Osijek, and Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banjaluka.
Our cooperation with the faculty is mutually beneficial. RT-RK helps with the infrastructure, technical staff, and provides an express access to the latest technologies. In return, our influence on curriculum based on results of our operations helps educate skillful engineers-newcomers, ready to face the challenges of the industry.

3. Continuous Trainings

We have always and will continue to insist on trainings and continuous education of our engineers, both in the technology and soft skill/communication aspects. We conduct internal trainings in the fields of our expertise. In case of the domains where we need external engagement, such as functional safety, Automotive SPICE, project management, specific tools, or similar, we employ authorities in the respective fields. One such collaboration is with NIT Academy Novi Sad with Functional safety certified instructors with whom we have a continues, successful collaboration.

Software Engineering and Programming

  • PM & QA (V-model, Agile, SCRUM)
  • CI and tools (Git Gerrit, etc)
  • IDEs and SW dev concepts
  • Introduction to programming
    (sequential, parallel. OOP)
  • Introductory C, C+ +, Python
  • Advanced C, C++, Python

Embeded SW & HW Engineering

  • Embedded architectures / protocols
  • Embedded programming in C C++
  • Embedded Linux and RTOS
  • Design with HDLs (SystemC,Verilog)
  • Signal conditioners & IF circuits
  • EC design for power supply
  • System verification (UVM)

Automotive Engineering

  • Programming (C, +, Python)
  • Frameworks and tools (AUTOSAP, etc)
  • Vehicle architecture and protocols
  • Algorithms (self-driving. CV, ML, DNN)
  • EV / H / Powertra in
  • EV battery systems
  • Quality, safety, security (IATF 16949, ASPICE, IS026262, SOTIF)

Safety and Security

  • Safety-critical system engineering
  • Requirements engineering
  • Safety processes and standards: IEC 61508, ISO 13849, IEC 62061, ISO 26262
  • Fault-tolerant design
  • SW / HW architecture for safety
  • Safety verification and validation
  • Cyber-security fundamentals