Innovation Fund of Republic of Serbia recognizes RT-RK as trustworthy market-proven provider of automated tools for testing of TV devices

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In their article the Fund addresses BBT technology by RT-RK as a complete solution to the testing of cutting edge TV systems in one of the fastest growing markets of nowadays. Describing DTV automated testing solution including RT-AV300 as a hardware grabber/generator device, and RT-INTENT as a software component in charge of test management, execution, analysis, reporting, and automatic upgrade, the significance of 24/7 concurrency and scheduling is emphasized. It is also highlighted that the solution does not require engagement of additional signal generators, RT-AV300 being designed to provide the complete connectivity and signal feeds to all TV's interfaces and motherboard.

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Innovation Fund is established by the Innovation Law with the aim to contribute to the overall development of innovations through various financial instruments, particularly by fostering the establishment of new and strengthening the existing companies, by positioning them to access venture capital markets, and by attracting foreign direct investment in the high-tech R&D. Innovation Fund aims to promote linkages between research and technology development and economy, and encourage and support the development of innovative technologies.

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