RT-RK accredited as a National R&D Institute

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It is a great pleasure to inform all our colleagues and business partners that the Ministry of Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia accredited RT-RK Computer Based Systems LLC as a national research and development institute.

After evaluation of all submitted evidence and checking the quality and efficiency of scientific research, Advisory Committee issued a positive decision on the accreditation of the RT-RK Computer Based Systems LLC. It was determined that the Institute meets all requirements for conducting scientific research of general interest.

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In the process of checking the quality and efficiency of scientific research Advisory Committee has concluded that RT-RK Computer Based Systems LLC:

  • has a scientific research program
  • the results of their research contributes to developing new products and devices, as well as introduce new or improve existing technological processes, systems and services.
  • performs knowledge transfer and technology
  • employs at full time at least 12 researchers competent in the field of science, of which 7 are in scientific or educational titles, and 5 in the research title of investigator - collaborator.
  • has a scientific research program for young developers
  • has adequate facilities, equipment and other resources for the implementation of programs of general interest
  • has a scientific and informative documentation or library and information center

This is a significant step in the company development and confirms our long-term strategy of further investment in research and development.

File: Accreditation copy (pdf, Serbian)