RT-RK at Embedded World, Nuremberg, 14-16 March 2017, Hall 4/4-614

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At Embedded World 2017, RT-RK will showcase

Infotainment unit and Informational ADAS with Automotive Machine Vision (AMV) software development kit on top of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A - Designed to provide heterogeneous compute cores that help in computer vision and machine learning. Platform independent.

The new ADAS powered by RT-RK Alpha development board, for the fastest TTM on TDAx by Texas Instrument - Enhancing rapid development of ADAS and autonomous vehicle applications, Alpha board demonstrates algorithms of the strong and expanding TDAx ecosystem.

Video Grabber/Generator card for Hardware-in-the-Loop ADAS testing - Accommodating up to 9 cameras, providing integration with data logger systems, and allowing image quality metrics, the card is a perfect solution for HIL ADAS testing.

IoT end-to-end services and solutions for the new generation of connected electromechanical devices - We offer solutions to make devices smart, with our production ready technology and efficient best-cost integration.

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See you in Nuremberg.