Here in RT-RK it is possible to gain practical knowledge through specially tailored BSc/MSc thesis programs.

This is why it is so special and unique. First, the topics for BSc and MSc theses are attractive and contemporary.

Our teams of engineers produce interesting topics considering both current needs of business and students ‘interests.

Even though the topics of BSc/MSc thesis are always serious tasks from industry, their level of complexity is adjusted to BSc or MSc students, their knowledge, and interests. Each thesis is designed and prepared down to single detail. It basically means that every step of the entire process is carefully designed.

Before the students start working on their BSc or MSc thesis, our engineers (we also call them technical mentors), create a document, a handbook, which guides students step-by-step through the phases of the whole process.

All necessary equipment (HW, SW) is also provided, as well as the reading materials that students may need to successfully complete their thesis. Why is this program so special and beneficial for every young person eager to learn, improve their skills and smoothly transfer from a student to an engineer role? Here are some of the reasons.

First, it is because of the people who take part in this process. Their tight connection to University and Industry, at the same time, their experience and knowledge make our internship program stand out. What is more, our mentors are highly motivated to pass on their knowledge and skills enthusiastically to each of our internship students. They encourage students to become genuinely hungry for results and achieve them independently. Secondly, it is because of the 30-year-long tradition of the company that provides a stable and nurturing, but at the same time versatile and challenging environment for career development. It is not either IoT or Automotive, or either Digital TV or Audio systems. It is all together and many more areas of business that RT-RK has successfully been into during past years. Curious as they are, young people may find our big-name clients and projects quite attractive, and work as a part of our highly driven, close-knit and fun teams outstandingly helpful and resourceful.

Last, but not least, it is the support and guidance our BSc and MSc students are provided with during the period of thesis writing. Besides the technical and academic mentors who guide and monitor all phases of the thesis work, there is also our Student Coordinator whose role is to make sure that all needs and requirements are met on time and that all participants in the process gain the most of it.

If you feel it is time for that first big career step and you are willing to learn and develop in a growing tech company with ongoing support and mentoring, we invite you to join our unique student internship program.

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