Ongoing with Vestel – BBT for the leading European OEM’s increasing product quality

Ongoing with Vestel – BBT for the leading European OEM’s increasing product quality

Novi Sad, Serbia – September 5, 2014 – This spring RT-RK celebrated 5 years since VESTEL, the largest TV producer in Europe has been supported by RT-RK’s automated digital TV testing solutions, codenamed BBT (black box testing).


Began in 2009, integration and customization of BBT components for VESTEL comprised

  • RT-AV300 – a grabber device,
  • RT-EXECUTOR – a sophisticated tool for control, development, and execution of tests, and
  • RT-INTENT – a test management and test execution software intended to assist quality assurance throughout the project lifetime.

Today the VESTEL customized test solution named VESTA supports the entire DTV product life cycle, from marketing through to development, production and qualification, superseding VESTEL’s human testing labor of 600 man/days monthly.

“Quality of our products is essential to us. We scale globally to meet market demand for our products, achieve ongoing quality assurance, improve responsiveness, and accelerate turnaround times. VESTA allows us to rapidly create and execute tests for our TV software, resulting in increased productivity and quality of our products“, said Murat Sarpel, General Manager, Corporate R&D VESTEL.

“We are very pleased that we have earned trust of VESTEL, the leading European OEM. Our partnership is a valuable confirmation of quality of our testing solutions that we insist on in the emerging DTV technology. BBT makes it possible for development and QA to keep pace. It enables testing to scale to improve throughput, meet release deadlines and improve the reliability of products“, said Nikola Teslić CTO RT-RK.


The largest TV producer in Europe and the third largest in the world, Vestel has earned its position as a global market leader, consistently building upon its reputation for delivering manufacturing excellence. Highly acclaimed across multiple sectors, the Vestel Group is renowned for its expertise in manufacturing, technology development and marketing as well as in the development and distribution of consumer electronics, professional display, mobile technologies and household appliances. For more information, visit

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