Product Development

Product Development

RT-RK specializes in developing high volume digital consumer products. We create fully custom products and offer a complete service pack, from concept proofing to after sales support. Our technical skills and successful track record of launching new products guarantee that we can respond to your needs and deliver your vision.

Our customized products include set top boxes, digital TV sets, home automation and control systems, A/V devices, and other embedded electronic devices based on SoC/DSP/FPGA expertise. We are experts both in application/top level and real time software.

RT-RK develops its resources to support all stages of product lifecycle, and tries to act as service integration point, to accumulate knowledge necessary to turn our clients’ specific requirements into a project with a fast, efficient route to market. We design products to be industrially manufactured and therefore attach considerable significance to testing and verification, and develop product prototypes and small scale production series with zero functional defects.

Your product design will be supplied with a complete electronic documentation, prototypes, bill of materials and elaborated purchasing chain, test reports and testing environment including verifying tests, measurement equipment and custom made hardware and software.

Our project document flow is transparent to the customer at all times.

Product Lifecycle

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