About Products

RT-RK line of products is not only the logical extension of our service offering but more often than not: a complementary addition to our services.

Our approach is simple — we want to provide to our clients the best possible solutions and if that means building up on already available in house technologies this is what we will do. This approach has proved to be the most efficient in both service provision but also product design and marketing.

ip building blocks dijagram

RT-RK has 2 major product lines all sharing one common attribute: They have been created and designed in the area where RT-RK has the deepest technical and market expertise. They are:

1. The line of products for automated testing of Set Top Boxes and TVs - BBT, clear output of years of providing design, development and testing services to major designers, producers and buyers of set top boxes and TV’s.
2. Home automation solutions are a result of service provision in the area of lighting electronics, lighting management, and home automation. Combining own ideas and visions a whole line of retrofit solutions have been developed both as end products as well as portfolio of different technologies that are enabling our partners to significantly reduce internal R&D costs while keeping their product portfolio up to date.