RT-RK adds LEEDARSON lighting products to 3rd party OBLO portfolio

RT-RK adds LEEDARSON lighting products to 3rd party OBLO portfolio


Novi Sad, Serbia – January 7, 2016 – RT-RK, a market leading hardware and software design house focused on consumer electronics, communications and multimedia, today announced that it has begun integration of LEEDARSON lighting solutions into its OBLO home automation ecosystem. By integrating products of the most valued green lighting partner RT-RK expands the base of 3rd party smart devices supported by OBLO and places LEEDARSON alongside already supported brands.

Designed as a smart platform, OBLO gateway allows easy development and deployment of various behavioral patterns, while providing the abstraction bridge towards sensors, actuators and cloud server. Flexibility of the client/server environment allows usage in various applications where energy saving, ambient intelligence and surveillance are just few of the most popular examples. While retaining high level of abstraction and flexibility in the definition of system behavior, the solution also supports out-of-the-box wide range of commercially available protocols (ZigBee, Z-Wave, IP) and interfaces towards 3rd party devices (nodes).

LEEDARSON is a global leader in lighting solutions, specialized in green lighting solutions through smart lighting technology and LED light research and manufacturing. Headquartered in Xiamen with R&D center in Xiamen &Taiwan with 600 engineers, Leedarson began to research the IOT technology from2011 and has become a professional lighting solution provider. Today LEEDARSON producesover 300 million pieces of lighting products annually. In pursuance of dedication to innovation, LEEDARSON has established its own independent testing laboratory and corporate with most scientific research institutes such as RT-RK.

RGB and CCT bulbs by LEEDARSON within OBLO home automation solution will be presented at the RT-RK’s suite in Venetian Palazzo Hotel during CES 2016. Furthermore, both sides announce continued cooperation on IoT gateways.

“LEEDARSON surely must be part of the OBLO ecosystem because their products will definitely help bringing home automation to mass market,” said Istvan Papp, VP Engineering at OBLO LIVING. “We have recognized the potential and synergy which might result from our cooperation in development of home intelligent systems. With LEEDARSON it is distinctive because of their scientific research background. RT-RK is a national R&D institute and I feel we speak the same language.”

“We are pleased that our products have become integral component of an end-to-end home automation solution such as OBLO,” said Kellen Yang, Sales & Marketing Director in IoT Business Unit at LEEDARSON. “LEEDARSON helps its partners in making smart lighting as popular as normal LED lighting today.We strive to bring more products into general lighting market and to support reasonable price to users. Being part of OBLO solution will help achieving that goal.”



Leedarson dedicates itself to be the quality spokesman in energy-saving and green lighting solutions. Headquarter in Xiamenwith R&D center in Xiamen &Taiwan with 600 engineers and more than 160,000 m2 standard workshop.Leedarson’s  vast array of products are applicable to wide range of use, and can be easily applied in homes, hotels, office parks, stadiums, outdoor lighting systems, and other commercial and public ventures. For more details please visit www.leedarson.com


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