RT-RK at CES 2015 – The technology pillars for connected everything

RT-RK at CES 2015 – The technology pillars for connected everything

Novi Sad, Serbia – December 08, 2014 – At the 2015 CES Show (Hotel Venetian Hospitality Suite Floor 26, Suite 140), RT-RK, a market leading hardware and software design house of consumer electronics, communications and multimedia products, will present a showcase focused on technology grounds for connection and control of uniquely identifiable embedded devices within local and the existing Internet infrastructure.

“With 2014 quickly coming to a close, we would like to take this opportunity to invite all our valued partners to CES 2015 for demonstration of our business offers.”, said Nikola Teslic CTO RT-RK. “Connection and availability in their broadest sense are at the core of what we are presenting. To offer mature, commercial, field proven technology on which things connect and can be controlled, is what our customers are asking for. We will give them the opportunity to accelerate, design, brand, deploy, and augment on remote automation. To me, the philosophy is the same, whether we talk about remote STB testing, configuration and monitoring, or the things at home we need to be in control of anywhere, anytime.”

At CES 2015 RT-RK offers:

To OEMs of home automation products for licensing – Technology:

Home automation OEM
  • White label technology for the nodes based on ZigBee, with a Bluetooth Low Energy solution, and Z-wave and 868 MHz standard solutions coming up in 2015.
  • OBLO Home Manager software as the basis for any-type gateway supporting a wide range of commercially available clients (sensors, actuators), easy-to-install Linux libraries providing interfacing of the nodes with mobile/tablet devices inside the home, as well as connection to the Internet.
  • INSIGHT as the technology providing cloud–based IoT services, from basic functions such as account management, over remote access via the Internet e.g. mobile application, to complex intelligence algorithms and analytics of big-data mining executing on servers.
  • Applications for mobile phones/tablets for iOS and ANDROID with the basic function of access to the nodes via OBLO Home Manager in the local network and over the Internet.

To retailers and providers of own home automation systems – Products:

  • A whole palette of smart nodes: switches, outlets, and smart plugins, remotely controlled.
  • Scene controllers.

To OEMs and operators in DTV business – Products and services:

  • INSIGHT remote device configuration and monitoring. INSIGHT system provides with the power to remotely configure, upgrade firmware, diagnose issues and monitor vital parameters of hybrid devices, such as modern Set-Top Boxes and TV sets. Device manufacturers, vendors and service operators have the ability to browse, search for, monitor and configure deployed devices or device groups via a convenient web access portal.
  • BBT line for testing of Digital TV, Set-Top Boxes, Blu-ray players, and other multimedia devices. We offer services of manual and automatic testing, and product series for automatic testing. We provide testing to scale to improve throughput, meet release deadlines and improve the reliability of products.

We hope to see you in Vegas!

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