RT-RK in Banjaluka officially opened – a big step towards expansion in the region

RT-RK in Banjaluka officially opened – a big step towards expansion in the region

At a gala ceremony which took place yesterday, on September 25th, attended by members of the board of the University of Banjaluka, representatives of the Ministry of Science of Republika Srpska, and representatives of major companies in the region, RT-RK Institute department in Banjaluka is officially opened.

In his opening speech, Prof. Emeritus and Head of RT-RK Vladimir Kovačević, emphasized the main goals of Banjaluka center which are education of undergraduate and postgraduate students according to industry needs, and provision of high quality teaching staff and infrastructure for the ETF (Faculty of Electrical Sciences in Banjaluka) curriculum. Prof. Kovačević likewise talked about history and creation of the Institute, its roots originating from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, as well as the way of growth in difficult times, business development on the international market, and the need for expansion in the region.
Dean of the ETF Banja Luka – Prof. Dr. Branko Dokić stressed that the arrival of RT-RK at ETF Banjaluka made 2014 a big milestone and momentum of academic and industry development in Republika Srpska.

Continuing the opening ceremony CTO of the Institute RT-RK Prof. Nikola Teslić explained the current operations of the company and goals for the future in more details. Banjaluka department currently employs 20 engineers, with a plan for growth of up to 150-200 employees by the end of 2018. RT-RK in Banja Luka will be mainly involved in operations related with the automotive industry. At the end of his speech he thanked the academic community and especially Dean Dokić, Vice Dean Blanuša and Đurić, and Prof. Brđanin for their great support from the idea through to effectuation of the cooperation.

To the colleagues in Banjaluka, we wish a successful start and to feel part of the RT-RK company, which they indeed are.

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