RT-RK ports BluePlug onto Renesas’ Low Power Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) Intelligent Wireless MCU

RT-RK ports BluePlug onto Renesas’ Low Power Bluetooth® Smart (BLE) Intelligent Wireless MCU

Novi Sad, Serbia – September 14, 2015 – RT-RK, a market leading software and hardware design house focused on consumer electronics, communications and multimedia, today announced that Smart BLE BluePlug has been implemented on a Renesas’ (TSE: 6723) SoC of the RL78/G1D Bluetooth® Low Energy(BLE) Smart  Intelligent Wireless MCU Group. A demo of the Renesas MCU based BluePlug will be showcased at the Bluetooth Europe Event 15-16 September, 2015.


BluePlug is a device for control of home appliances, monitoring of power usage, and energy saving. It can be controlled remotely (connected/disconnected from the mains) via a mobile phone with Bluetooth Smart support. It is accompanied by both Android and iOS application. BluePlug supports scheduled and delayed operations, and its colorful LEDs serve as multi-functional visual indication such as power consumption of the attached devices and power state. Controlled by the phone, the LEDs find their usage as nightlight, indication of e-mail arrival, incoming call, and similar.

“We have ported our technology onto the Renesas’ intelligent MCU to co-promote with Renesas, and offer our technology to the wide base of vendors of smart BLE intelligent controllers,” said Istvan Papp, Head of Advanced Research at RT-RK.“RT-RK has its own proprietary technology for home automation codenamed OBLO, and we offer different models of cooperation to our customers, from technology licensing to sets of products for retail shops. By collaborating with Renesas we want to demonstrate portability and value of our technology and offer it to that wider base of potential customers more evidently.”

“We have recognized RT-RK and their home automation segment OBLO as a promising technology,” said Niels Trapp, Senior Director of Segment Solutions at Renesas Electronics Europe.“Therefore we have gladly had their BluePlug technology ported onto our MCU. We are confident that their IP technology can benefit further from being implemented on our ultra-low power wireless MCUs and can thus result in a wide range of smart high-end home automation solutions.”

Download the PR in pdf format.

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