RT-RK Supplies AirTies with Automated Set-Top Box Test System

RT-RK Supplies AirTies with Automated Set-Top Box Test System

Novi Sad, Serbia – September 12, 2015 – RT-RK, a market leading hardware and software design house focused on consumer electronics, communications and multimedia, today announced that it has supplied AirTies Wireless Networks, the leading supplier of advanced wireless and OTT/IPTV technologies, with a package of automated set-top box test system components.  These include a rack system for testing multiple set-top box units, a picture quality measurement system and a system for testing in field. AirTies intends to use the equipment to improve test processes and solutions, primarily in its R&D and QA departments.


The delivered rack system enables full parallel execution of different test plans for set-top box units. It utilizes remote control and configuration, providing a single interface for functional, regression, stress, and performance testing. Supported by powerful real-time grabbers, and a simple user interface/dashboard framework for creation of tests, test plans, test execution scheduling, and remote execution monitoring, the system performs powerful A/V analysis with OCR algorithms for testing of diverse scenarios and set-top box features.

Picture quality measurement system is a no-reference real-time processing system for video and audio artifact detection. It provides repeatable and objective quality measurements, which closely correspond to subjective human visual assessment, obtained, tracked and alerted in real time.

The station for testing in the field is a flexible and compact package for set-top box verification at remote locations (field infrastructure or customer’s home). The system consists of a central monitoring and control system and remote stations. It is used for monitoring of real-time broadcast, set-top box services (Vod, EPG, etc.), performance measurement, video quality assessment, ongoing KPI measurement, and other related functions. The system is web based, allows remote configuration of the probes, and has mechanisms to facilitate test scenario creation and modification (on-the-fly).

The package comprises all the essentials for reliable set-top box development and verification, which is a key goal for AirTies.

“AirTies is committed to delivering premium content to any room and any device in the home. That relies on a high capacity Wi-Fi home network proven to guarantee the best quality of service in different wireless environments with the ability to reach a full range of devices for content delivery,” said Metin Taskin, CTO, AirTies. “As we have been expanding our set-top box portfolio, we have considered several options to ensure quality of products and bring them to market in the shortest possible time. We have chosen RT-RK, as we found they provide the most comprehensive and robust test solutions on the market today.”

“We gladly serve AirTies as they renew and complement their existing testing solutions,” said Vukota Pekovic, Head of Marketing and Sales RT-RK. “Particularly, I am pleased as AirTies shows interest in using our solutions both in R&D and QA departments. That surely corresponds with our mission in testing of products in digital television, and is a sign of value of our solutions. For now, our cooperation continues with RT-RK’s engagement in preparation of test suites for AirTies’ set-top box models.”

About AirTies

AirTies was founded in 2004 by a senior management and technical team from Silicon Valley, with the strategic intent to become the market leader for the wirelessly connected home. AirTies designs and develops its own software and hardware, wirelessly streaming high definition video to multiple rooms and screens. The comprehensive product portfolio includes broadband internet devices and IP/Broadcast hybrid television set-top boxes. Its globally awarded technology enables seamless wireless integration at the touch of a button, as well as 100 percent internet wireless coverage in homes. AirTies has an installed base of over 8 million worldwide. For more information, visit www.airties.com or follow us on twitter @AirTies.

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