RT-RK to boost DVB-T/T2 performances in Vidmind’s V2 OTT/DTT STB

RT-RK to boost DVB-T/T2 performances in Vidmind’s V2 OTT/DTT STB

Novi Sad, Serbia – September 13, 2014 – RT-RK, an embedded software development company with special expertise in video broadcasting and DVB-T software today announced that it has been selected by Vidmind, a leading supplier of OTT/DTT solutions for Pay-TV operators, to support the V2 STB development and optimize its DVB-T/T2 performance according to the ETSI TS 101 154 standards. A flexible RT-RK middleware team has already delivered the first releases of the supporting software.


Vidmind selected RT-RK for this project due to its vast experience in DTT solutions and its ability to test DVB-T quality according to the highest industry standards. The new V2 STB now performs with demanding excellence. The know-how of RT-RK on DVB-T/T2 including vast experience in an Android environment generates a short learning curve of the Vidmind application and ensures a smooth collaboration of Vidmind and the RT-RK engineers.
Besides the development, RT-RK’s responsibility is functional verification of DVB-T stack functionality. The engagement of RT-RK’s QA engineers on the product verification contributes to a stable and reliable high end product.

“We are determined to perfect our DVB-T/T2 performances,” said Dror Kraus, COO at Vidmind “With RT-RK expertise and testing capabilities on DVB-T software we managed to deliver a very high level of quality in a short time.”

“We are pleased to have partnered with Vidmind to capitalize on our DVB-T and Android knowledge,” said Giora Golan VP Business Development RT-RK. “Our in-depth knowledge of the DVB-T/T2 standards, experience with numerous stacks and broadcasting in an Android environment have ensured a prime solution. Having seen both teams working enthusiastically and hand in glove, I’m already looking forward to the foreseen continued collaboration of the two companies.”

About Vidmind

Vidmind’s platform lets service providers, from Telcos through broadcasters and retailers, launch a fully featured next generation TV service, available on TVs, tablets, smartphones and more.  
With Vidmind’s open Cloud-TV platform, operators, broadcasters and retailers can rapidly introduce an OTT TV or VOD service, and monetize a world of entertainment at minimal risk. The Vidmind Cloud TV technology levels the TV playing field for everyone, offering consumers more choice and operators – a business model that makes sense.
Vidmind was founded by video streaming and TV app veterans and is privately held. For more information, visit vidmind.com.

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