Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for the luckiest E2LP student

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for the luckiest E2LP student

At the end of the current semester RT-RK decided to award one of students who were working on the E2LP platform at the FTN Novi Sad site. The E2LP platform is used in the following courses:

  • Logic Design of Computer Systems 1 and 2
  • Digital Signal Processing 1 and 2
  • Real-Time System Software 2
  • Fundamentals of Computer Networks 1 and 2
  • Embedded Systems Design 1
  • Selected Topics in Hardware Design

The students were invited to fill in surveys throughout the semester after each lab exercise on the E2LP platform, as well as at the end of the semester. The electronic surveys had been compiled by a team from the Ben Gurion University (BGU) in charge of E2LP project evaluation.

Completing the survey at the end of the lab exercises brought one ticket for the drawing, filling out surveys on the E2LP course at the end of the semester brought two tickets, and participation in an interview with the colleague Zvi Azia from BGU last month, during his visit to RT-RK, brought 2 more tickets.

The winner Milan Tucić raffled off with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. We wish all the E2LP students and University staff across Europe a restful and enjoyable summer. See you in October!

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