Scholarships – Internships

Institute RT-RK Banja Luka offers ’binding’ scholarships for students of the third and the fourth year of studies, in Computing and Information Technology as well as Electronics and Telecomunication Engineering (major in Electronics).

Scholarship Terms and Conditions:

  • If student enrolled the third or the fourth year within the program study of Computing and Information Technology or Electronics and Telecomunication Engineering (major in Electronics).
  • If student is not the recipient of any other ’binding’ scholarship from any other company.

Scholarship Recipient Requirements:

  • Students have to attend lectures and pass the exams regularly along with enrolling upcoming study years in time.
  • Students have to graduate within a year, after the attendance at the final lectures in the semester.
  • Students have to select compulsory subjects in consultation with the Institute RT-RK.
  • Students are obliged to respond to invitations for participation in professional programs of the Institute.
  • After graduation, students are obliged to become employees of Institute RT-RK in the period equal to the scholarship duration.

Benefits of Scholarship Program:

  • Scholarship funds in the amount of 400 BAM per month until the beginning of BSc thesis writing, whereas when the student starts working actively on BSc thesis, funds rise to 600 BAM per month.
  • Possibility of inclusion in professional programs and research activities of the Institute.
  • BSc thesis writing process is supported by the designated engineer mentor.
  • Possibility of using modern equipment and tools.
  • Possibility of attending in-house professional training.

Application or any questions related to the scholarships of Institute RT-RK could be sent to the following mail: with the subject: ‘Scholarship for the selection of Computer Engineering’ along with (at least) the following information:

  • Name and Surname
  • Student logbook number
  • Year of studies and study program/major
  • Grade point average from the previous year
  • Number of exams passed.