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about services

RT-RK has more than 10 years of experience in supporting of international customers and has worked with the biggest names in the industry. We are ready to fast respond on customer requests by remote or on-site support, working in teams together to find the most optimal solutions.
Our customers are IC vendors, device manufacturers and network operators.

We offer services in:

We offer services in two business models: Fixed Price and Time and Material.

Fixed-price is offered for projects with well defined requirements and deliverables, and predefined scope of the project. Customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed price.

Time & Material is offered for long-term projects and cooperation, when we invest in specific know-how with the goal to keep a steady team, and in situations where requirements, tasks, effort and/or solutions are not clear. We offer a flexible team size with a possibility to scale.

Fixed Price

  • Usually used for „one-shot“ projects.
  • Customer forwards a requirement definition to RT-RK.
  • Our team studies the requirements and seeks clarifications, if any.
  • Based on finalized requirements a set of initial documents are prepared:
    • a top-level project plan is prepared,
    • solution concept proposed,
    • team size and effort estimated ,
    • deliverables and acceptance criteria defined.
  • Detailed proposal is submitted to the customer along with the time frame, cost estimate and initial documents.
fixed price
  • Upon acceptance of the proposal by the customer, Statement of Work is formalized, Solution Design Document (SDD) and Work Break-down Structure (WBS) based project plan, incorporating clearly defined deliverables, is prepared and submitted to the customer.
  • Simultaneously under a parallel activity, development and testing environments are set up and the rest of the project team is assembled.
  • The development, quality assurance and all other project related activities are competently managed, transparently communicated and seamlessly delivered.
  • On completion of the final deliverable, acceptance testing, deployment, user training and handover is carried out at the customer site.
  • During the field trials and after release, RT-RK provides post-delivery services, as desired by the customer and defined by contract.
  • Our post-release corrective, adaptive and perfective maintenance services take care of the enhancements and bug fixes.
  • Customer pays fixed-price for the project implementation, by installment per milestone.
  • Prerequisites for this business model are well defined requirements and existing know-how.

Time and Material

  • Suitable for long-term projects, where the total effort cannot be estimated in advance and the scope of work can vary during the implementation.
  • Time and Material model is the best for scalable projects and provides possibility to pay for RT-RK service in parts according to the payment schedule specified under the contract.
  • This business model is highly efficient in case the project is hard to predict in terms of time and creative effort and in case the development process needs control and improvement upon each iteration. Thus, it allows for cancellation at virtually any stage of the development project.
time and material
  • Software development project requirements tend to evolve during the course of implementation thereby necessitating additional or lesser resources. To facilitate such development, this model gives the flexibility of modulating your project team size, while optimizing on the time and costs.
  • Good model for long–term cooperation with Customer, so that specific knowledge can be preserved  in team and increased over the time.
  • The customer has more influence on the project management.
  • The projects can be executed remotely or on-site, per demand.
  • After we sign a contract stipulating the team roles and their rates, we agree about team size per month, usually on quarter basis (capacity planning).
  • It is Customer's responsibility to utilize allocated resources.
  • We invoice you monthly or bi-weekly according to effort reports.

Proposal for Customer

  • We are offering a long-term cooperation.
  • Our proposal is to build a dedicated team of engineers who will be engaged on the projects and concentrate the know-how based on your needs.
  • We offer to start with a smaller group of engineers who will be a core of the future Customer team at RT-RK.
  • First activities should be organized as fiedx-price projects until we „learn“ to work together (common processes, companies working culture, terms and conditions of long term cooperation, etc.)
  • In parallel, we should work on Service Frame Agreement document, that will define terms and conditions of our future cooperation.
  • Over the time (~3 to 6 months) we will gradually switch to time and material model with well defined process of work.
  • We will plan team size on regular basis, per quarter, and review our cooperation, introduce improvements and changes in working process.
  • Your responsibility will be to provide workload for allocated team.
  • We will invoice you on monthly basis according to effort reports that will be generated weekly or bi-weekly.
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