RT-RK has abundant expertise in digital signal processing and more than 15 years of hands-on experience with designs that comprehend a full development cycle of DSP based systems.

Algorithm development

RT-RK is specialized in development of complete algorithms according to customer requirements, modification of existing algorithms (improvement, real time restrictions, platform requirements), and algorithm evaluation (performance evaluation, feasibility study — estimation of needed resources, platform/architecture proposal).

Algorithm porting

However powerful and brilliant DSP algorithm is at the end of the day it should not on run on the last generation PC yet on a fancy device limited in resources (memory, CPU capabilities and also with limited battery life). RT-RK provides a full port of in-house developed and customer provided algorithms on a range of embedded systems (DSP, CPU, FPGA) from various manufactures (TI, Intel, MIPS, ARM, Cirrus Logic).


It is often the case that customer has application properly working on a target environment but with inadequate performance. Customer R&D team has focused on development of new algorithms and algorithm proving. Algorithm is handed over to system integrators to be adapted to fit in the target SW/HW environment. In most cases the first team knows little (or does not care) about real time system requirements, whereas the second team knows little about algorithms. In these cases RT-RK specialists perform algorithm analysis, evaluate performance of the target SW/HW system, perform algorithm modification, code size and speed optimization in assembler and/or HLL language.

Verification and certification

Simplification of certification procedure tends to decrease inevitable human errors and to speed up the certification process. RT-RK offers the following services:

  • Fully automatized pre-certification testing for 3rd party audio solutions
  • Certification package, error-less installation of a complete testing environment for a certification house site: SDK, firmware, test cases, testing tools, board configuration, measuring devices and the like.
  • Support during certification process

Tools development

Highly important in most businesses are the tools of the trade. Development of the DSP solutions is no exception. In the past years we have created a complete tool chain for the several DSP platforms: assemblers, macro-assemblers and high-level assemblers, dynamic and static linkers, generic C compiler, high-speed instruction level compiled simulators, and Integrated Development Environment (IDE) based on the Eclipse framework.

Building of complete DSP systems

In complete DSP solutions we provide:

  • HW design and prototyping (choice of appropriate DSP architecture, design of real time system based on selected DSP architecture, prototyping of the DSP system
  • SW design and implementation (algorithm development, porting, optimization)
  • Verification (verification of the requirements, verification of the algorithm implementation, verification of the final DSP system)



  • Dolby Digital
  • PRO Logic 2
  • PRO Logic 2 X
  • PRO Logic 2 Z
  • Dolby Volume
  • Dolby Volume 258
  • Dolby Headphone 2
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Dolby TrueHD
  • DD Consumer Encoder 51
  • TruVolume
  • WOW HD
  • TruSurround HD
  • TruVolume (multichannel)
  • StudioSound HD
  • CS Headphone
  • Circle Surround II
  • MAX-V
  • DTS Core, ES and 96/24
  • NEO6
  • Neural Surround
  • DTS Express
  • DTS Surround Sensation Speaker
  • DTS Transcoder
  • Onkyo Basic
  • Onkyo Virtualizer
  • Onkyo Surround
  • Audyssey Dynamic Volume
  • Audyssey Dynamic Surround Expansion
  • Neural Surround
  • WMA
  • MP3
  • AAC


  • Decoders
  • Encoders
  • Processing
  • H.261/3/4;
  • MPEG 2/4/7;
  • WMV


  • Modulation
  • Protocols
  • ITU-T V.21/23/ 26/22bis/29/32

Cirrus Logic Design Center

Since 2004, RT-RK has been providing OEMs with superior support services for Cirrus Logic audio DSPs. As a preferred service provider, RT-RK offers a complete suite of premium services — such as circuit design and board layout, custom firmware, advanced audio feature implementation, software development and support, applications support and product test — to help customers move quickly from initial product design and into production.

cirrus logic

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