Home Automation

home automation

In the over two-decade long history of involvement in embedded system development, RT-RK has built a significant knowledge base in the home automation area. The main route of knowledge acquisition is provision of design services for world-known customers as well as development of own product portfolio.

The design services RT-RK offers in this field may cover a full product life-cycle, starting from product concept (software, hardware, mechanical design, prototype development, testing, certification) to hand over to mass production (EMS) including factory test support.


Innovative thinking and awareness of the state-of-the art technologies is something we feel is crucial in efficient product development. This mindset resulted in vast experience in many fields:

  • Usage of versatile connectivity technologies — LAN, RF, WiFi, Zigbee, IR, and NFC
  • A variety of microcontrollers and SoCs (8/16/32 bit) built in our designs, running either commercial or free RTOS, programmed in assembler, C or C++
  • Many analog and digital sensors incorporated in our designs (cameras, temperature, humidity, color, proximity, 3D, PIR)
  • Power is a key aspect in home automation: development of low power devices to preserve battery life, careful design of power components to be compliant with EMI regulations, products dealing with high power (light control, home appliance control, power management at home level, etc.)
  • Know-how of controlling power efficient lighting technologies (CFL, LED, TLD)

Beside the device development, RT-RK is experienced in integration of such components into broader ecosystem, such as a facility. Several projects have addressed building a connected software platform that allows the devices to function as a system, with a central control node. An event driven architecture ensures timely reaction to various situations (and thus interactivity), and also efficient resource utilization in all system elements. The communication between nodes may be wired and wireless, while nodes themselves could be either custom or OTS products. Support for behavior customization, extendibility, and flexibility is provided by software scripting.

Home automation is getting a wider scope lately in form of connected homes and facilities. The boundaries of an HA system are extending over Internet and getting to the cloud. By interconnecting individual systems we offer additional services like remote monitoring and control. We are experienced in development of such enterprise solutions that solve the inherent issues resulting from WAN and from the massiveness of the nodes. It is accompanied by an intuitive and customizable remote management platform suited for both business and personal use.

RT-RK has built a strong expertise in home automation covering the full vertical from the low level, real-time, embedded components, up to the high level, cloud-based services.