Industrial and Military

industrial military

Industrial automation

In years long experience of working with SCADA systems we have developed an original solution of a SCADA system based on industrial PC technology verified and proven in practice, including the following types of products:

  • GAUS Smart Remote telemetry unit (RTU)
  • GAUS SCADAapplication

Our SCADA solution has been sucesfully in use for transport gas pipeline facilities monitoring and control for over a decade. Architectural concept of our system is based on:

  • Scalable hierarchical organization — centralized or distributed (to RTU) processing
  • Centralized process modeling
  • Distribution of process model to remote RTUs
  • Tools for process modeling, data analysis, and visualization
  • Events storing, prioritization, and filtering
  • Graphical presentation of technological process

Our industrial automation solutions have also been sucessfully deployed in textile and chemical industry.

RT-RK R&D teams continue research and development of key technologies, and innovative products in industrial automation.


Military products

From the foundation in 1991, our company has been involved in research and development projects for the military and security structures of our government. Those projects have given us prominent experience in development of hardware and software for demanding real-time devices, equipment and complex systems.

Building such systems, our company is driven to work with cutting edge technologies and latest state-of-the-art tools. This cooperation is realized through many hardware plus software solutions in a wide spectrum from telecommunication and data transfer systems, system and data transfer security, to sound localization systems and artillery fire control systems.

Universal digital modem and audio recording system are two devices that have passed a strong MIL-STD 810 testing and are in the industrialization phase.

In the cooperation with military institutes, we are developing system for HF wideband direction finding (DF) designed for application in Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and Electronic Warfare systems.

Working on DF we have gained strong expertise in the implementation of algorithms for parallel computing based on multi-core DSP platforms.

Implementing latest FPGA technologies (XILINX/ALTERA), our company has established a complete know-how for production of several ciphering devices. Those include solutions for large variety of the communication links, such as 2Mbps E1/T1, SONET/SDH and 1/10 Gigabit Ethernet, along with secure call applications for mobile phones.