Hardware Development

hardware development

RT-RK constantly invests in infrastructure, human resources, software, and business environment to provide best in class hardware design and small scale production services.

In order to link research and development services with final products, RT-RK hardware related development services are spread through all of the product lifecycle stages, sharing the same infrastructure and information essential for product success on the market. We are proud of our project logs in cooperation with Altran, NEC,Vestel, Philips, Medion, SmarDTV and other customers.

Hardware Design

Hardware design covers the conversion of hardware functional concepts into technical specifications and customer requirement documents; conversion specifications and requirements into block diagrams, circuit schematics, physical printed circuit boards layout; component selection and purchasing; prototype production with certified subsidiary companies.

The company employs a number of novel design techniques in attempt to improve the design overall performance, and consequently the customers' satisfaction. We use signal-integrity and EMC/EMI simulation tools for high speed design, 3d modeling for mechanical design speed up etc.

hardware design

Hardware Prototyping

design for manufacturability

RT-RK offers prototype production of electronic devices to provide our customers a complete set of services regarding concept proving and demonstration platforms. Service is dynamically organized and trimmed for each customer to get both rapid prototyping cycles as well as cost optimized small series production in a reasonable time frame.

PCB production plants related to RT-RK have been chosen and certified to give the best service and the latest technological base, including multilayer boards, characteristic impedance control, ROHS compliant products, high density interconnection boards, 100% electrically tested boards and other products. All of these are available as rapid prototyping services including a 24-hour PCB production cycle.

RT-RK has established a special relationship with the Department of mechanics at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, as well as with number of metal stamping and plastic molding companies to provide a complete prototype build-up. We offer 3D printed plastic prototype housing, customized standard metal and plastic housing as the opportunity to get a precise solution overview before the industrialization, massive investment in tools and facilities.

Product industrialization

Being able to develop, design and manufacture electronic devices, RT-RK built optimal infrastructure and information flow for product development focused on high-volume, low cost production, wherever in the world.

We offer product industrialization services, cost reduction navigated by external electronic manufacturing companies purchasing and logistic chains, and optimization in accordance to their technology constraints.

RT-RK supports production processes improvement and quality assurance procedures automation. We develop complete customized test environments and test suites for mass production lines.

hardware prototyping