Small Scale Production

small scale production

Small scale production services within RT-RK aim to support prototyping activities and production of special purpose equipment. It is a universal link in the chain of research and development services, design and industrialization, but it also covers special requests from fragmented markets, such as digital TV.

We offer industrial production practice from early prototype stage all the way to market ready product.

RT-RK is experienced in component purchasing, assembly and bring-up of both unique single devices made by hand, and small series assembled in semi-automatic and automatic processes, all in accordance IPC procedures. The high reliability of the products is achieved by using advanced production techniques, e.g. automatic visual inspection of assembled boards, temperature cycling and product sample ageing. The company has well established business relationships with electronics manufacturing companies in Serbia and in the region, for the benefit of use of massive production characteristics in early stages of the product's life-cycle.

Small scale product series are supported by internal Component Information System, ties to local and global distributors of electronic components and electronic manufacturing service chains, and stock of critical devices (with long lead time, close to end of their life cycle, etc.). This enables optimization of designs and products in terms of bill of materials, price and availability.

Testing and Verification

RT-RK offers Zero Functional Defect Program to their customers. Even for prototyping and small production series manual, semi-automatic and automatic test and verification environments are established, including documented test plans, measurement equipment, and custom made hardware and software.

For each test data logging is performed, so that final outputs can be used for process trimming for massive production, as well as for official approval on the market.


Within our facilities and in cooperation with certified laboratories RT-RK provides a full range of measurement services according to special market demands, consumer, industrial and  military standards.
These include:

  • Full functional verification
  • Long run and stress tests
  • Extended temperature range measurements
  • Random vibration and shock tests
  • Reliability tests
  • EMI/EMC measurements
  • Environmental Stress Screening test and other