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tv software

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From a platform selection, through platform depended SDK of mayor OTT services, middleware (DVB, ATSC) featuring: DLNA, HbbTV, MHEG, PVR, CI Plus, to HTML and Java application level, RT-RK offers complete development, customization, and integration services for connected, content protected, broadcast and broadband digital receivers and gateways on Linux and Android.

On the OS level we provide kernel adaptations/extensions, porting and integrations of 3rd party devices/drivers as well as real time optimizations. Customization of Chipset SDK includes porting of peripherals, porting and integration of 3rd party software components, SDK adaptations to support product specific requirements (second screen, IPTV protocol stacks, etc.), and Media playback improvements (different codec and containers support, synchronization).

Middleware encounters: DTV middleware porting on various chipsets/platforms, Native integration of TV middleware in Android operating system, DTV middleware upgrade to be compliant with the latest specifications (ATSC, DVB), porting and integration of 3rd party software components (CI Plus, MHEG-5, DLNA, HbbTV, OTT services, etc.), and TV middleware adaptations to support product specific requirements (country specific specifications, broadcast signaling, etc.).

On the Application level we provide customization of DTV applications in: HTML4/HTML5/CE-HTML, Java UI framework, Maestro UI toolkit, Tara’s  Embedded Wizard and OSD Builder, and SVG. We also provide services of connection with head-end: configuration, firmware upgrade, and parameter monitoring; precertification, and testing.