Advanced concepts

Explore our innovative concepts designed to tackle technological challenges within the rapidly evolving realms of mobility, XR technologies, and new platforms.

As we anticipate the inevitable shift towards Android-based In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), we stand prepared to guide clients seamlessly through this transition. Moreover, we proactively anticipate the hurdles of managing massive content consumption in the realm of automated driving.

In the realm of virtual reality (VR), we are keen on showcasing the transformative potential of VR in content streaming. Our innovative concept involves the seamless integration of VR with proprietary video players, complemented by the creation of thematic rooms tailored to specific content genres. This innovative approach results in a markedly richer and more immersive user experience.

Our efforts extend to the realm of industrial data interaction, where we’ve diligently assessed the potential of augmented reality (AR) technology. Through seamless integration with a customizable, interactive user interface, we aspire to achieve a new pinnacle of operational excellence and real-time monitoring within the industry.


    A solution to an unpredictable bandwidth for any connected vehicle application

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    Immersive user experience through seamless VR integration with proprietary video players and the curation of tailored thematic rooms

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    Discover our innovative work in various aspects of optimization and implementation, including enhancing A/V libraries, porting Android 13, and deploying a hypervisor on RISC-V

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