Home audio systems

Market-proven solution based on Cirrus Logic DSPs, powering millions of home audio devices worldwide with confidence, for over fifteen years.

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RT-RK supplies a complete DSP audio-centric software stack developed by the RT-RK engineering team – from proprietary RTOS and comprehensive set of elementary audio processing libraries, all the way to complex audio solutions by world-leading IP suppliers such as Dolby Laboratories, Xperi DTS, Fraunhofer IIS, Auro Technologies, Meridian Audio, Dirac Research, and many others.

One of the main strengths of our DSP software solution is that all the high-level audio libraries are hand-ported and optimized in-house, which enables us to maintain a high level of hardware resource usage efficiency as well as to provide a unique level of interoperability between audio libraries of different IP origins. This kind of engineering know-how enables us to provide the highest level of engineering support and customization to our clients, throughout the entire product life cycle: from the earliest product concept stages, through all required certification steps, to final-product launch as well as product maintenance and field support.


Our ecosystem consists of strong partners: Cirrus Logic as chip vendor, RT-RK as software provider, and the following IP providers:


Way of working


Dolby Laboratories

  • Special relationship through early adopter’s program.
  • First to market with an offering of all-new IPs from Dolby to a worldwide base of OEMs and ODMs. 
  • Support for entire Dolby portfolio in home audio space with Dolby Atmos for AVR, Soundbars and Compact AV products, Dolby Audio for Wireless Speakers, etc.

Xperi DTS   

  • Close cooperation with DTS Xperi in launching the latest audio solutions to the consumer market.
  • Providing the latest DTS technologies like DTS:X and DTS:X Pro, DTS:X IMAX Enhanced, DTS Virtual:X, as well as legacy DTS IPs ranging from DTS Digital Surround to DTS HD Master Audio on various Cirrus Logic DSP platforms.
  • Early adopters of DTS:X IMAX Enhanced and DTS Virtual:X.

Fraunhofer Institute  

  • MPEG-H Audio is a next-generation technology providing immersive and personalized sound. Also available as Sony Reality Audio 360 immersive format supported by major streaming services such as Amazon Music HD, 360 by Deezer, Tidal, and nugs.net.MPEG-H was adopted as a broadcast standard in Brazil and South Korea. China is on a similar path as well as many European countries.
  • Support for legacy portfolio in home audio: MPEG-2 AAC, MPEG-4 AAC 7.1, MPEG-4 AAC 22.2

Auro Technologies  

  • The Auro-3D® Engine combines different technologies to guarantee an optimum 3D sound experience generated both natively and from the existing audio content. 
  • Auro-3D® implementation consists of Auro-codec decoder which delivers native, discrete Auro-3D® content as well as Auro-Matic 3D up-mixing algorithm that converts legacy content into the Auro-3D® format.
  • Auro-3D® technology suited for both AVR and Soundbar products.

MQA Audio

  • MQA audio technology enables music streaming of the authenticated original master recording into home, car, or mobile devices. 
  • MQA audio technology is based on MQA Core Decoder which unfolds the MQA file once to deliver even higher than CD-quality, and MQA Renderer which, when paired with a core decoder, can complete the final unfold and deliver a fully decoded MQA experience.
  • MQA audio technology suited for both AVR and Soundbar products.

DIRAC Research  

  • Dirac Live® Room Correction applies state-of-the-art, patented algorithms to analyze and digitally reduce room impact and enhance speaker performance. Dirac Live delivers a larger sweet spot, accurate staging, clarity, voice intelligibility, and a deeper, tighter bass.
  • Highly efficient implementation enables simultaneous execution of Dolby Atmos and Dirac Live® Room Correction on a single DSP.

For inquiries please contact us at info@rt-rk.com