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After many years of experience in embedded system development, RT-RK has gained significant knowledge and has built the foundation for IoT/Home Automation solutions development. That’s how the brand OBLO was born.

OBLO started its business with a simple point solution for light control developed in 2012. The solution consisted of a ZigBee switch dimmer and ZigBee remote controller.

A few years later, OBLO has made huge progress and got its first customer for a whole-home solution comprised of a home automation hub, cloud service and mobile clients.

Vast knowledge and experience gathered through many projects resulted in the spin-off from RT-RK in 2016.

Today, OBLO’s key product is an end-to-end software solution for IoT (IoT hub software, Android/iOS/HTML applications and cloud service), which is used in various IoT applications and accompanied by system integration services. In addition to software solutions, OBLO designs and produces IoT devices – smart home devices that complement IoT platform and complete IoT product development services for Customer.

The company is hundred percent owned by RT-RK.

For inquiries please contact us at info@rt-rk.com