Amongst other values that we highly appreciate here in RT-RK, our Student Internship Program stands out as the one we take special pride in and handle with extra care.

It all started in 1991 at the Faculty of Technical Science in Novi Sad when the sub-department of RT-RK (Computer Technologies and Computer Communications) was established. Since then, there have been more than 1000 students who have successfully gone through RT-RK’s Student internship program and started their engineering careers with us. It was only then that we recognized the importance of the support that young graduates need at the beginning of their professional path. We merged our academic and corporate knowledge and created a program which greatly helps students’ transition from classrooms and laboratories of university to real life tasks and projects within our teams in the company. It is not only technical knowledge that they gain, but also company life and culture they become familiar with through our Student internship program.