Students’ internships – scholarship program

In cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Mathematics in Belgrade, we offer the possibility of a scholarship for MSc or BSc work.

Who is the student scholarship intended for?

The student scholarship program is intended for students in the final years of undergraduate and master’s studies at ETF and MATF who did not choose a topic for their BSc or MSc work before applying for the program.

What do we offer to students who choose the scholarship program with us?

  • Professional support from mentor engineers;
  • Support to turn the knowledge gained during practice into an academic BSc or MSc thesis;
  • Work on the most modern technologies;
  • Measuring equipment, software tools, raw materials (for the production of hardware), logistics for procurement and production of hardware;
  • Scholarship;
  • Possibility of attending internally organized professional courses;
  • Possibility to participate in sports and entertainment activities.

You can submit your CV throughout the year via link.

You can view the brochure with topics via link.