Summer School 2021: Embedded Linux Programming

Summer School 2021: Embedded Linux Programming

This year, again, we invited students from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Mathematics to join our summer internship. During the internship, participants had the opportunity to learn the basics of programming on the Embedded Linux OS, by working on interesting and practical projects using the Raspberry PI platform. The summer school ran from August 9 to 20, 2021, for three hours each day.

Our lecturers designed a practice program, which covered topics such as:

  • System administration fundamentals
  • Debugging remote embedded Linux systems
  • Choosing the right components to customize dedicated Linux systems
  • Bringing a real Linux-based embedded system to life
  • Writing your own handlers (drivers) for the Linux kernel
  • Downloading Linux source code, compiling and running it
  • Concurrent programming using POSIX threads.

We are thrilled to report that participants expressed great satisfaction with the knowledge they acquired, and we hope it will prove useful to them in the future. Additionally, we introduced them to other opportunities that RT-RK offers to students, and we even organized a get-together for everyone to socialize.

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