Hardware and small scale production

Evolving and ever-increasing complexity of electronic module designs is the number one concern for new product introduction. The risk associated hardware complexity and on-time availability is one of the greatest of the development processes.

Our effectiveness in making complexExit Visual Builder PCBs ensures time-to-market and income goals.

 We take pride in:

  • High speed interface design & signal integrity
  • High density interconnection & multilayer PCB design
  • Power distribution and power integrity
  • Mechanical design and thermal simulations
  • Technical standards coverage & product certification


The state-of-the-art tools we use

What we do:

  • Conversion of hardware functional concepts into specifications
  • Conversion of specifications into circuit schematics
  • Conversion of circuit schematic into
  • PCB layout designs
  • Selection and management of subcontractors for PCB manufacturing, cabling and chassis production
  • Bring-up and verification, compliance testing

What we deliver:

  • Products conceptual design and hardware requirements documents
  • Circuit schematics & net-lists
  • PCB layout files
  • All electronic data files including component ordering databases, schematic/PCB libraries
  • Complete CAM documentation(ODB++ files, Gerber files, NC drill guides, Pick&Place files)
  • Fabrication and mechanical drawings
  • Verification lists and reports

Prototyping, small scale production, industrialzation


By integrating EMS and design services into one-stop shop, RT-RK provides a closer link between design activities and the real product life cycle.

We bring market and industry knowledge as well as technical legislation aspects to early phases of the design cycle, facilitating early successful product placement on the market.
Provided BoM and product cost optimization, component obsolesce and availability management make the product competitive.

Compliance testing and certification ecosystem built on long term partnership with worldwide notified bodies and labs ensures meeting the industry/regional/country standards.

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